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Stylish Bangles for Men

Despite a few old stereotypes, jewelry for men is a growing business in the United States. Men around the country and falling in love with the sense of style and individuality that quality jewelry offers. Bangles are near the forefront of this movement, as they provide all the style of bracelets with a degree of masculinity that people have come to love. Bangles for men in New York can be purchased through Scott Jewelers in Brooklyn, which offers Sauro jewelry for those who want the highest quality available.


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


Why Designer Bangles?


Designer bangles offer many benefits to fashion-conscious men. They have a sturdier look and build than normal bracelets, which works well with most casual and professional men’s outfits. One size of bangle can generally fit many different types of men’s wrists, so it is easy to have something that fits snugly on your arm or which provides a looser look. Because the bangles are thicker than bracelets, they also allow for a wide range of different designs and jewels to be added. You can add diamond studs, an engraving, or virtually any other ornamentation you desire. For these reasons, designer bangles are very popular fashion accessories.


Accessorizing with a Designer Bangle


One of the common questions that people have when they choose a designer bangle is what to wear the jewelry with. Even high quality luxury bangles tend to have an understated effect that goes well as an accent to an outfit rather than a main feature. For bangles that have metallic accents, a formal outfit works best. This gives the entire outfit a more upscale look. Leather or beaded bangles work best with a more casual look or with threaded clothing such as sweaters and t-shirts. As you wear the bangle with your outfit of choice, the jewelry will wear slightly, creating a lived-in feel. This is natural and something that adds a certain degree of authenticity to your outfit.


The Benefits of Sauro Jewelry


When it comes to designer bangles, the Sauro brand is the best choice to go for. Sauro was created by the legendary jeweler Ivo Sedazzari, who saw a need for high quality men’s jewelry on the market. The jewelry is all hand-crafted and utilizes the best materials and the finest metals and gemstones. Sauro products are not widely available, but a handful of places throughout the world offer them to lucky customers. Among these dealers is Scott Jewelers, located in Brooklyn. Native New Yorkers and those who are touring the city have an opportunity to stop at this location and get both bangles and other accessories that fit their overall look and personality well.


Men’s designer bangles are a terrific way to emphasize a formal outfit for a more businesslike appearance or to soften an already casual ensemble. When looking for the best designer jewelry, Sauro is the brand you should target. There are only a handful of authentic Sauro dealers throughout the United States, but those in the New York City area have one right in their backyard.

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