7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Property Manager

If you are renting out properties, then chances are high that at one point or another, you’re going to want to hire a property manager. This is the person who’s going to help you manage your properties, use tenant screening tools, and bring along a whole property management apparatus with them. This is especially necessary if you have a ton of properties under your belt and want to ensure that you are making the most out of your properties. Keep reading down below to learn about the top things that you’ve got to ask your property manager before hiring them as part of your team.

  1. Are there dedicated personnel and staff members who are going to be handling the property?

Of course, you have to first ask who is actually going to be working with your properties. Who is your potential property manager bringing along with them to do the job? Generally, property managers are not going to be doing all of the work by themselves. They are going to be bringing along property management personnel and staff members who are going to handle maintenance requests, screening applicants, and working to ensure tenants are super happy at all times.

  1. What are the years of experience of the property manager?

You should also check with this potential property manager to determine what their years of experience are in the field.   Seek someone with the qualifications you need such as USFloridaPropertyManagement.  You definitely don’t want a rookie property manager helping with all of your properties. This is just asking for disaster. Make sure that when you are interviewing potential candidates that you ensure they have years of experience under their belt and are ready to turn your property management business into a success.

  1. Are there any samples of leasing documents that you can check out?

The leasing documents of a property manager can tell you a lot about them and how they work. Make sure that you ask if they have any samples of normal leasing documents that they give out to tenants before you hire a property manager. If there is anything sketchy in there, then you know that this manager isn’t someone that you want to deal with.

  1. What is the number of properties the manager is currently looking after?

You should definitely also be checking out this real estate management professional’s current workload of properties. If they are handling tons of properties at the same time, then they might not have the time needed to work on your property. If this is true, then you are going to want to be looking for another property manager who can put the time in necessary to turn your property into a success.

  1. What is their system of checking out potential tenants for criminal history and credit?

Of course, you have got to have a property manager on your side who’s actually going to check through tenants to ensure they are high quality. Make sure to ask about his or her process of going through a tenant’s criminal history, credit history, and how they generally ensure this is a great tenant for your property.

  1. How long has the manager been with their agency?

You should also be asking how long this manager has been with their property management agency and how many agencies they have worked for in the past. Check and see why they might have left other agencies if they worked for multiple agencies in the past.

  1. Are there are any other clients you could speak to about their work with this property manager?

When you’re speaking with a property manager, it’s important to ask them if there are other past clients they’ve worked with that you could speak to. This can give you a good insight into how they’re going to work with you.

There you have it! Each of these points are super important to remember when going through and trying to pick out your perfect property manager.


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