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Teaching in England

Whether you are a new teacher fresh out of college, or you have been teaching for decades and are eager for a new challenge, teaching abroad can offer something for everyone. If you are seeking an opportunity to live in a historic, beautiful, country that is diverse and has an abundance of perks, consider teaching in England. There are lots of opportunities for jobs all around England and international teachers are hired annually to fill roles in a variety of schools all over the country. This article will share some highlights to teaching in England.

  1. Learn a new curriculum. If you have been teaching in the US or Australia, you will easily be able to pick up the curriculum that is taught in England. It is not confusing at all and many international teachers from the US, Canada, and Australia share sentiments of learning it quickly.
  2. There are different types of teaching options available. If you have high hopes of teaching in England but you are not lucky enough to land your own classroom, not all is lost. There are other ways that you can gain teaching experience while in England.
    1. Private lessons. Perhaps you provide private lessons outside of school hours. This gives you the flexibility to make your own hours and charge your own set fee. You will need to research the area for the average going rate, but this is a great way to earn some income while you persist in finding a full-time role.
    2. Supply teaching. This is like substitute teaching in the US. Supply teaching allows teachers to travel to various schools and teach a variety of subjects and class sizes. This will give you great experience and widen the opportunities when searching for a full-time position.
  1. Paperwork is not easy. I would be remiss to leave out that acquiring the proper paperwork to live and work in England can be quite cumbersome. In fact, obtaining the right to work in the UK may be even harder than actually landing a job. If your future employer is willing to sponsor you and will help you get your work visa, you will have an easier time than if you were to do it by yourself. The only teachers being given Tier 2 visa status are those who are teaching mathematics, chemistry, or physics. A Tier 2 visa is the easiest to achieve work status however it can be quite hard to get. Your sponsor must be recognized by the UK Border Agency.
  2. Living in England can be expensive. While teaching abroad is a dream come true for many, it can be quite expensive. Yes, you will be paid adequate wages, however the cost of living will likely be higher than what you were paying in the states. To plan for the added expense, you may want to consider renting a flat from another teacher at a lower price or perhaps even getting a roommate to help offset the cost of living.

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