XNSPY: The iOS Spying App You May Need

So you want to purchase an iOS spying app?

Well, you have landed at the right place to learn about everything you would have ever wanted to know about cell phone spy software. Here we are going to take a closer look at one of the most prominent snooping software, that has been ranked among the top 5 cell phone monitoring apps by TopTenReviews. Now, you may have come across some other XNSPY reviews on various websites, but let me alleviate your anxiety for a moment. This will be an unbiased and honest review. It will enable you to make an informed decision if this spy app is what you are seeking or not.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s review this app.

  • Purchasing XNSPY

Purchasing this app is fast, easy and secure. The advanced paying method is standard and allows you to pay with your card without any annoyance. It won’t take you too long to buy XNSPY. All you need to do is choose a Plan, fill out the Contact Form, and provide your Card Information before hitting the Submit button. The whole form-filling process will take only 3 to 4 minutes of your valuable time.

And you can make the purchase from any country at any hour of the day. If we look at the subscription price it seems quite affordable, especially when you compare it with other spying apps. Here are the two subscription plans:

  1. Basic Edition $8.33/month
  2. Premium Edition $12.49/month

You can also try XNSPY iOS spying app’s free demo on their website. Furthermore, you can use the software to track jailbreak and no-jailbreak iPhones as the program has two different editions to sate your spying needs.

  • Installing XNSPY

XNSPY also has installation advantages such as:

  1. The installation process is explained in detail
  2. Easy instructions allow you to set up the program without any problem.
  3. The estimated time to set up this app on an iPhone is around eight to 10 minutes if you are not that tech-savvy.


  • Downloading XNSPY

We have reviewed several spy apps to date and found that XNSPY has several download advantages in comparison to other surveillance programs. First and the foremost thing is the downloading procedure is faster and easier. Especially, when you are looking to set up the no-jailbreak version.


XNSPY’s no-jailbreak version doesn’t require you to jailbreak the iOS device to monitor it. We didn’t even have to download or install the app on the target iPhone owing to the fact that XNSPY works without jailbreaking an iOS device.

  • XNSPY Features

Stealthy App – How would you like activity monitor for iPhone to work? Definitely, stealthily. Or else, there is no point in using a spy app that can’t even hide. XNSPY is designed around this concept. It has the capability to completely hide itself and collect important data by staying 100% invisible. The target user never gets to know about it as the activity monitor for iPhone doesn’t show any pop-up messages.

iOS Phone Logs – Secretly monitor conversations taking place behind closed doors with this tracking software that allows users to track all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls on the target phone. In addition, it provides you vital information like date, time and address, so you can know when and where the call took place.

Chat Monitoring – The instant messaging apps are quite popular when it comes to online communication channels. With this spy tool, not only we were able to track Apple’s very own iMessages, but other popular IM chat apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, Tinder, and Kik on all compatible iOS devices. You can view the content of the messages along with relevant time and date stamps.

iOS GPS Tracker – We even used the software to trace the location of the monitored individual on a map. The app showed his current location together with location history.

Instant Watchlist Alerts – Now, this is something that we haven’t seen in most of the other spy apps. This functionality can surely take your spying game to another level as it empowers you to monitor specific activities rather keeping tabs on everything, which is almost impossible. Just define the suspicious places, contacts, and words to receive instant alerts whenever they appear on the monitored iPhone.

View Web Browsing – You can remotely see web browsing history and bookmarked sites on the target iOS phone to have an exact idea which websites are being frequently visited by the target.

Access Multimedia Files – The spyware has the ability to tap into multimedia files stored on the device. This means you can access the saved photos, videos and other files from the comfort of your couch.

View Installed Apps – It gives you the power to access all the stock and third-party apps on the target iPhone, so you can assess if the target is using any inappropriate apps.

  • Customer Support

XNSPY has a decent reputation when it comes to providing after sales service and support. The live chat support is available 24 hours and seven days a week along with email ticketing support. In addition, there are extensive knowledge-based training guides, videos, and FAQs that will walk you through anything that piques your interest. Also, there is a Product Tour that will answer a lot of your questions. You can access all this information before spending a single penny on the spy app to ensure if this is the software you need to buy.

  • Inadequacies  

Like any other app, XNSPY has some inadequacies such as:

  1. It does not monitor Snapchat that is one of the most popular IM chat applications out there.
  2. To avail maximum spying features, you need to jailbreak the iOS device.
  3. It doesn’t work with Windows and BlackBerry Phones.
  4. You cannot take the secret photos by using the camera on the phone.


  • Verdict

We leave the final verdict to our readers as we have outlined pretty much all the advantages and disadvantages of the spying app. So, kindly enlighten us with your precious views by commenting below.

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