SkewerChef Bamboo Skewers – Package of 200

There always seemed to be two lengths of skewers in our lives – three feet long (or so) or 10-11 inches.  One was far too long and one was far too short.  We have some metal skewers that seem to be close to the right length but we can’t let the kids eat off them for fear they will burn their mouths on the metal.

We camp seasonally from April through October and that means camping every weekend with campfires, smores, chicken kabobs and more.  We have been on a neverending (at least we felt like it was) search for the perfect skewers that were wooden, just the right length and not $5 for 6!  Doesn’t that seem crazy?

These bamboo skewers from SkewerChef are the perfect solution.  They are 15.75 inches long and not so thin that the kids are breaking them – they are a full 4mm thick.  They are smooth (no worries of splinters) and made from bamboo which is environmentally friendly.  They can be used on both the campfire and on the grill just as easily.  This package contains a full 200 skewers – these will definitely last for a good portion of the season!

Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial and biodegradable so you don’t need to worry about whatever you put on the skewers.  Plus when you order on Amazon the company sends you a 30 page cookbook that’s full of recipes.  This full set of 200 skewers plus the free cookbook is only $14.95 on Amazon!

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