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7 Proofs that Large Format Printing is Far from Dead

I love to make a statement.

Especially when I’m advertising my company. It’s the hard hitting messages that remain in people’s minds after they’ve long left.

Most of us have Smartphones, computers and access to a wide range of advertising mediums. But large format printing is still one of the most impactful forms of carrying across your message.

And there are seven reasons I think so. Today I’ll share them with you and you can decide for yourself whether you still believe large format printing is dead.

It’s Hard to Miss

Let’s face it. Big messages can’t be ignored. And human curiosity will always guide our eyes to the biggest, brightest objects we can find.

If your message is one you don’t want ignored, large format printing is the perfect medium. If you want to showcase your brand’s authority in the industry, don’t settle for anything less than ‘XL’!

Expressions are More Impactful

Using faces in any kind of marketing is one of the most commonly known advertising tactics in the book.

A face that’s larger than life has an even bigger impact on those who see it because of its size. Get the most out of your face advertising and put your face on a billboard.

Your Message is Clear

I’ve seen dozens of ads today already.

And guess what. I ignored them all—didn’t even bother looking. Except one. It stood out from the rest because I could actually read what the message was saying.

Your message text must be visible. Small ads tend to be wasted on busy people who can’t spare one second to see what you have to say.

If your message isn’t clear and easy to digest quickly, you’ve wasted good money on poor marketing.

Large Format Print has a Longer Lifespan

Flyers. Street pole ads. Business cards. Posters.

All these are adequate means of advertising, and no doubt you still utilize some of these mediums in addition to your regular advertising.

But people tend to throw away random pieces of paper lying around in their homes and in their cars.

Billboard ads stay for longer and have a longer lasting impact on your audience. Nobody can throw them away, and no one can damage them or forget them in a drawer somewhere.

They’re always out. Always visible. Always making a sale.

It Stays in the Minds of Passers-by

That lasting effect is exactly what sells products.

Repetition, consistency and constant reminding is how you build your brand. it’s how you build trust with those you’re trying to reach.

The best known brands sell the quickest—despite often selling at a higher price.

It’s marketing 101. Go big or go home.

It’s a Medium that Cannot Easily be Replaced

When I think of large format printing my mind automatically thinks about billboards.

But there are countless other places where it’s used to its fullest potential. Expos, events and trade shows all make use of large format printing.

Thus far we have failed to find a more affordable way to showcase our messages in bold, bright colours.

Digital displays look great, but they are much more expensive to set up and run. And anything less simply wouldn’t do your message justice.

Large print it is!

It’s Versatile

Size does matter. But so does shape.

The right fit is always a certainty with custom printing on a large surface. There are standard sizes most do use, but reshaping your message is best done through an expert printer who has the machinery to give you exactly what you want.


Extra large printing is far from dead.

Information technology may have replaced most means of advertising, but large format printing is one that will live on for another generation at least.

Think about that then next time a huge advert catches your eye.


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