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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Records Are Becoming Popular Again

To the generation who has never seen vinyl records and cassettes, you have been missing something truly amazing. And to those wonderful people who still listen and adore vinyl, your community of like-minded people just grew by leaps and bounds!

According to recent data, vinyl sales have hit a 25 year high with the sale of over 3.2 million records. And by 2017, sales are projected to be over 40 million units, making it a billion dollar industry. So what might be the reasons for the changing dynamics in the music industry? Why are suddenly people running behind a technology that was long thought to be obsolete?

Let me take you to a trip to the nearest record store to give you an idea on this.

  1. Valuable Collectible

Buying a record is like investing into a priceless artifact. Vinyl records are collected and shared not just for their musical supremacy but also for their collectible nature. Collectors are always on the lookout for good music and it just might turn up in your local flea market. A lot of these records are usually passed down to generations and are a cherished memory for the household or you can even purchase Second Hand Vinyl Records.

And since it quite hard to copy a record of the early times, it makes it all the more authentic and valued.

  1. The Experience

When listening to a vinyl, the experience itself makes up for any troubles that you might face in procuring it. It’s true that the digital music can be put into an endless loop of your playlist. But the entire idea of getting up, searching for the right record, replacing the record and then playing it, is something that a true audiophile craves for.

It is this experience that counts when people are given the choice between listening to an online music album or a vinyl record collection.

  1. The Community and Taste of Music

When you start listening to those records you will start realizing how many people still love to sway to the grooves of a vinyl. When you are on your hunt for your choice of records, you will meet tons of people who just love talking and sharing their experiences about the same.

Believe me; this is better than online forums where the personal touch is lost. Having a group of people to meet and interact is always the best way to make long lasting connections. And as you keep getting exposed to different people; your taste in music will develop for the better. And here I don’t refer to the theatricals of recent pop singers, but actual music made individually by people who genuinely like music. With the help of a community you are sure to discover new details about these records and music.

  1. Something to Hold on To

Now this might seem absurd but this is in fact a major reason why this technology has made such a massive comeback. Digital versions of songs are just a stream of data stored in your mobile phones. But a vinyl record is tangible. You can feel its rough texture and its curves!

You will appreciate the touch of a record more than anything. And also, almost anybody can now just download a song and play it on their phones but owning a record is holding on to something that actually exists. It is almost like book readers having e books on their kindle but loving their hardcover filled book shelves!

  1. Rich Sound Quality

Vinyl records are meant to sound better on the virtue of their design as compared to the digital song versions available today. You might say otherwise trying to show how digital music sounds much better but you need to listen to a record. Most of the first-time listeners are able to distinguish between the digital and analog versions. This further confirms the sound quality difference between digital and vinyl.  My first choice would be record players with best speakers built in for the highest quality sound.

A vinyl record captures every single moment in its grooves. And since it does not have to worry about the file compression and soundtrack amplification issues, it maintains its rich depth and texture. So, if you are listening to a decade old record, then you are definitely listening to it in the same quality as the day it was made!

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  • gloria patterson

    This makes me sad but also makes me happy. When I moved from my home to a one bedroom apartment I just didn’t have the room to keep everything. I sold my stero and about a 100 records to someone who would enjoy them.

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