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Baby Born Interactive Doll – On Every Little Girl’s List

I wanted this doll so badly for a little girl who is a friend of ours.  I knew this was just the perfect doll for her!  How did I know?  Because as soon as her younger brother found out about it he started telling me how badly HE wanted this doll and started rattling off all the accessories that are available for it.  That was just too funny.

I fondly remember back to when I was 7 or 8 years old and my intense desire for what I would consider an interactive doll of my time.  Life was not going to be complete with that doll – I eventually got it.  Phew – not sure where I’d be today if I hadn’t received that doll just in the nick of time.  This Baby Born Doll is the equivalent of that doll – nowadays.  It is the must have doll and as interactive as can be!

The BABY born® doll has 9 lifelike features–, BABY born® can eat, drink, cry real tears, sleep, bathe, move, wet her diaper and go potty by controlled peeing and pooing — all without batteries! This doll includes the following accessories – Birth Certificate Bottle, Pacifier, Diaper, Plate, Spoon, Food and Potty.

 9 Ways to Nurture:

1.     Cry real tears

2.     Drink

3.     Pee

4.     Eat

5.     Poop

6.     Sleep

7.     Bathe

8.     Pose – Movable arms & legs

9.     Change Diapers


Can you believe with all these interactive features it doesn’t even need batteries? Well, it’s true.

Every little one will love this doll.  It is adorable and a great size.  Perfect for role playing and “practicing” to care for another person.

And Ketchen was able to enjoy and test the Baby Born Interactive Doll for me.  You can imagine how much he hated it LOL – clearly he is having a blast.  He was telling me all about the Foaming Bath Tub we could get to help enjoy the doll.

All Baby Born products are available on Amazon 

So what’s up with the Foaming Bath Tub?

Baby Born Musical Foaming Bathtub

Bath time! BABY born® loves to take a bath in her wonderful bathtub – complete with splashing sounds, music, and lights! In the middle of the tub, there is a control panel where you can choose between shower function and foam function. A tiny rubber duckie completes bath time fun.

Product Features:

•        Foaming function for bubble bath

•        Working shower

•        Lights up plus plays splashing sounds & music

•        Includes rubber duckie

•        For use with the Baby born Interactive Baby doll (fits most 18“ baby dolls)

All Baby Born products are available on Amazon 

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