Unexpected Expenses That Can Take New Entrepreneurs by Surprise

Nothing beats being your own boss. That’s why many people take the path of the entrepreneurship. Although it comes with a lot of freedom, it comes with plenty of surprises as well.

You just don’t realize how much an employer takes care of until you become your own employer. Here are a few unexpected expenses that often take new entrepreneurs by surprise.  You can do research to eliminate surprises with business listing sites India.

Electronics and Supplies

There are at least a few things you’re going to need. They’re the kinds of things that an employer would normally pay for. They include:

  • A computer
  • Computer software, including Microsoft Word, antivirus software, and more
  • A desk
  • An internet connection

Depending on your particular business, you might also need things like stationary, business cards, stamps, and more. Fortunately, finding a Flipkart coupon code online can help mitigate some of these expenses, but they can add up a lot quicker than most entrepreneurs expect.


As a self-employed person, you are responsible for paying your own taxes. That doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but how much you pay in taxes usually does.

You have to learn when to report your taxes and how much you have to pay. An online guide can really help. You’ll learn that you have to pay estimated quarterly taxes, and you’ll learn all of the deductions you can take as a self-employed person.

Just make sure you set aside enough money throughout the year to pay your taxes. This amount will be different for every person and every business, depending on your tax bracket and business status. If you don’t get this amount right, you could end up owing the IRS thousands of dollars.

Time Off

When you work for an employer, you get a certain amount of paid time off. When you work for yourself, you are able to take as much time off as you want, but that time off isn’t paid.

That means you have to budget for future time off. You should also plan to have a bit of savings. That way, if your computer suddenly stops working or there’s a family emergency that pulls you away from your work for days or weeks at a time, you don’t have to worry about money.


Figuring out how much to save for retirement is fairly easy when you work for an employer who does all of that for you with a 401K that’s matched by the business. It’s a different story when you have to do retirement on your own.

You should plan to save a certain percentage of your income each month. You may also have to learn a little bit about investment strategies since you don’t have an employer to do it for you.

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy, especially where money is concerned. However, knowing what your potential money challenges are is half the battle. By planning for the items on this list, you can increase your chances of maintaining a successful business.

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