5 Tips to Improve Workplace Collaboration

It’s becoming routine for companies to rely on a workforce that is increasingly spread out. IT has enabled team members to work together on a project even when physically separated. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for co-workers to share ideas and suggestions spontaneously, negatively affecting innovation.

Collaboration and Innovation

Collaboration is a crucial factor driving innovation, a vital element in any enterprise. Organizations must not only become nimble; quickly adapt to sudden changes with ease but also develop an eye for the future. Only companies that continuously strive to innovate can remain at the forefront and realize long-term success.

1) Look at Your Current System

Before making changes to improve workplace collaboration, you must find out what’s holding you back. The first step to enhancing workplace collaboration is to reassess your company’s communication methods like:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Instant messaging, texts
  • Speaking in-person

For example, IM and email may not be the best way to hold an involved discussion. Make a list of your present internal communication methods to discover if your organization is relying too heavily on one method. If current internal communication methods aren’t optimal, it might be time to make some changes. IVR System and  Video conferencing equipment may answer all your needs.

2) Use Social Media

Social media is an efficient tool for businesses to communicate with their customers. But, consider how useful it can be to improve workplace communication. Staff can like, comment, and share interesting posts about your organization, product, or mission. Social media can allow employees to share interests with one another for productive, idea-generating conversations. Social media can become your organization’s way to build workplace relationships even when hundreds of miles separate staff.

3) Use Mobile Technology

A remote or widely distributed workforce will work best when communication flows smoothly. Take advantage of smartphones and tablets to ensure that critical information has the best chance to be received wherever recipients are. The current innovations that increase the security of business transactions on top of mobility bring forth mobile faxing services which can be accessed anywhere.

Ideally, staff should be provided with note-taking optimized smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note8 or LG Stylo 2 Plus, or tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Surface Pen and the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 with S Pen. Screens optimized for a stylus, and the ability to run a range of productivity apps while staying connected, make mobile a must for any organization looking to increase workplace collaboration.

4) Video

The trend is for employees to bring their own mobile devices to work, making the benefit of video conferencing easier to realize. Video conferencing uses screen sharing to communicate. Video conferencing allows staff to create a personal connection without driving across the country or flying around the world. A smartphone like the Galaxy Note8, with dual cameras, can make video conference calls and meetings easy. At the same time, stylus-optimized tablets like the Surface Pro 3 with Surface Pen enable easy note-taking during meetings.

5) Encourage Socialization

Encourage staff to socialize outside work hours with special events like company picnics, award ceremonies, and holiday celebrations to encourage a feeling of belonging. Hence, workers communicate more often and more efficiently with each other.


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