I Believe In These 15 Things

1.  I believe in God.  You may believe in some other deity or higher presence but belief in something greater is freeing.

2.  I believe that my life has purpose – though I am not always clear on what that is.

3.  I believe in my kids – all five of them – even when they can’t figure out how to believe in themselves.

4.  I believe my husband is my soulmate.

5.  I believe that it is important to maintain priorities in life – God, Family, Career.

6.  I believe my kids’ special needs make them special not different.

7.  I believe everything happens for a reason.

8.  I believe a good portion of our decisions are pre-determined – like there is a certain path our lives are meant to follow and our destiny is our destiny.

9.  I believe music is a path directly to your soul.  Nothing can reach a person’s soul like powerful music.

10.  I believe the future holds amazing things for the human race.

11. I believe something exists once we pass away – heaven, hell or whatever it may be – but I don’t believe our current existence is all there is.

12. I believe horses soothe the soul and make life so much better. 

13. I believe having dog(s) in the home is a requirement to raise emotionally healthy children.

14. I believe experiences are even more important than education.

15. I believe we should all do what we can to care for our fellow man. 

Bonus – I believe if you work hard, you can achieve and be anything you want to be.  Be relentless in your pursuits and make it happen.

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