The Top 3 Lakes You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

The world is a beautiful place with exquisite landscapes and jaw-dropping scenery. Apart from the eight infamous wonders of the world, there’s a plethora of breathtaking sites you could also visit. For instance, you could visit the beautiful lake Bled situated in Slovenia. The cobalt-blue lake remains warm for most of the year, thanks to the mildly thermal springs that satiate the entire place. That’s just one of the many lakes that you should visit in your lifetime. Before you get old and weary, be a little spontaneous and travel.

Here are three lakes you must visit in your lifetime:

  • Lake Baikal

Located in the pristine Siberian landscape, Lake Baikal is a beautiful rift lake that stretches wide and deep. It’s the world’s largest lake and the deepest freshwater lake. Lake Baikal is pretty old as well, its origin dating back to 25 million years. There are thousands of unique plants and animals living around the lake. UNESCO even earmarked Lake Baikal as a World Heritage Site, encouraging tourists from all walks of life to come and visit.

Plan to visit the lake as a family or even as a couple. Enjoy fascinating boat rides in the clear waters (the clearest in the world) and the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna inhabiting the lake. The Baikal seal, for instance, is a subspecies endemic to the lake. You can also interact with the Buryat tribes located on the east of the lake.

  • Lake Geneva

The lake sits between the stunning Swiss Alps. Its waters are shared between two gorgeous countries: France and Switzerland. The lake has three distinct parts: the Haut Lac, the Grand Lac and the Petit Lac. The Haut Lac is located in the eastern region that lies between the Rhone estuary and the Meillerie-Rivaz line. The Grand Lac, as its name suggests, is the largest and deepest section of Lake Geneva. The Petit Lac is the smallest section. It is narrow and less deep compared to the other two sections. The Petit Lac is situated in the south-west part and borders Geneva.

Switzerland is considered to be one of the most magnificent countries in the world. People visit there to climb the Alps and ski in the snowy landscape. There’s an assortment of fun activities you can do in Switzerland. These include paragliding over the Alps, sightseeing in Lucerne and enjoying boat rides in Lake Geneva.

When you fly into Geneva Airport, you have the choice of hiring a car on the French or Swiss side of the airport. Both are options worth considering as it depends on your itinerary. It’s worth noting that car hire Geneva Airport French side deals normally cost less.

  • Lake Malawi

This is one of the most beguiling lakes in the world. It lies between three African countries: Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique. Naturally, the lake is referred using different names depending on where you are. It’s called Lago Niassa in Mozambique and Lake Nyasa in Tanzania. There are thousands of fish species inhabiting Lake Malawi – the most among all lakes worldwide. Imagine basking in the African sun as you enjoy a boat ride throughout the entire lake. You will relish every second of your trip. So pack your bags, get your sunglasses and visit this tranquil lake.

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