The Top 5 Places in Europe to Travel for a Beachside Holiday

There are many reasons why Europe remains to be the most visited continent in the world. It has a rich history and its culture and traditions are immensely depicted by the architecture of the buildings, churches, bridges, houses and even cafes. The food varies from city to city and country to country. You can enjoy delectable street food or indulge in French cuisine. Modern cities are enthralling, efficient and have everything within reach. The sound of every language and dialect is a foreign but music to anyone’s ears.

When you’re tired of looking at historic sites and wants a change of atmosphere, Europe does not fall short on beaches and rainforests. Here are five diverse beach locations around Europe that will surely appeal to anyone with a knack for traveling and an undying love for turquoise waters, blue skies and long stretches of sand.

  1.   Santorini, Greece

You cannot say Europe and beach at the same time without thinking about Santorini, Greece and all its surrounding islands. The perfectly paired blue seas and white houses is a sight to behold. Everywhere you look, it’s picture perfect. Be sure to visit Greece during the summer and avoid winter at all cost. Emerge in its rich culture and visit places where locals flock together to get a better sense of community and tradition.

  1.   Suffolk, England

If you already live in the UK or you are already spent marveling the busy streets of London and you want a quick getaway from the city, Suffolk is a surprisingly beautiful place to visit with your friends and family. Getting a cottage is definitely a Suffolk’s seaside charm that everyone should try out. You can sleep listening to the gentle sea waves instead of car horns and whistles. You can wake up to a fresh air and enjoy the solitude of the space you have been given. Even a two-day stay will truly transform you.

  1.   Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza has been one of the famous destinations during the summer to enjoy a relaxing day on the beach and go wild for a party at night. If your travel plan is specific to Spain, a quick flight to Ibiza is a refreshing segue from the vast architecture and historic places around Barcelona, Madrid, and Granada.

  1.   Positano, Italy

Positano is a quaint but great location for a beachside holiday where anyone can enjoy snorkeling and boat rides to amazing limestones. The place is very tourist friendly and you don’t want to miss foods made with the freshest ingredients you can find in Italy. You can enjoy sunsets along the beach and sunrises on view decks.

  1.   Malta

Malta is a small island near Sicily and is an amazing holiday location. The beaches are very accessible wherever you choose to stay while you’re in town. A stroll around town will let you enjoy its rich historic sites. You can rent a small boat or join a yacht cruise to for island hopping and visit Paradise bay or the Blue Lagoon. The beaches are always packed with local and yet you can still find a quiet haven and hidden gems all around the island.


3 thoughts on “The Top 5 Places in Europe to Travel for a Beachside Holiday

  1. Sam O'Connor says:

    There’s some great inspiration here. I particularly like the sound of Santorini and Positano. I hope to visit these places some day. I’d also recommend Cornwall in England and the the Algarve coast near Lagos in Portugal. These are places I always go back to because of the beaches.

  2. David Matthews says:

    That’s a great list of places to visit for a sea view. I’d like to see a much longer list. I’d like to see France in here – there are some great stretches of coast all the way around this massive country. And surely some of Europe’s best beaches and sea views are in Greece? The islands here are as nice as the Caribbean.

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