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After a year and a half of shows – I really needed to come up with a storage solution for my kids ribbons.  My daughter has wallpaper on her walls and the solution I used for my son was not working for her.  His is basically a wooden dowel along the top of his wall and the ribbons are clipped on it.  But the sticky backed hooks would not stay “stuck” on her wall and I wasn’t interested in putting holes in the wall.  For the last three months her ribbons have been all over her room.  It was frustrating because I knew she was going to ruin them or lose them.

I searched and searched for a solution and there are some really cute ones out there.  I didn’t want anything that involved glass – after all she is 12!  Maybe when she is 15 but for right now – glass is out.  I found this 1 gallon canister which is acrylic with a rubber sealing gasket and a latch.  I found it at Walmart and I am even more happy about the result than I thought we’d be.

I started by placing ribbons inside, facing outwards against the plastic – their tails rolled up in the center of the canister.  Then I filled the center with ribbons.  We have about 25 or so ribbons in this canister – I should have counted before we started.  It took some muscle to force them all in there and we definitely can’t fit one more so the next show will require a new canister.  Not only is it cute but it adds a pop of color to her room.

Our son’s room has a black chalkboard wall with a contrasting orange large vinyl decal of a western rider and horse (although he doesn’t ride western but it is an awesome decal).  His ribbons are hung on a wooden dowel along the top of his chalkboard wall.

Both solutions are absolutely perfect for each child.  When our daughter gets a little older I have another idea in mind but I need wall space to make that one work.

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