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Why Dress for The Office if You Work from Home?

Working from home is the dream for some people. It’s where they get most of their work done, where they feel more comfortable, where they are productive. There are pros and cons to it – as there are to everything. After all, it means you can sit around in your pajamas all day, right? Well, technically you can, but having work clothes even when you work from home, on your own, is still a good idea.

Keep Work and Home Separate

Having clothing for work which you can take off once you’re done for the day and change into something else – yes, even your PJs – means you are more easily able to separate your working life from your personal life. That is extremely important. Having a home office can make the temptation to work longer hours hard to resist. If you worked in an office and you left at 5pm each day, you wouldn’t be able to nip back in and just do ten minutes here and there (which soon adds up and can take you away from important family time and down time). Changing out of your work clothes is a great way to remind yourself that work must end at some point.

Visit Clients and Customers

Working from home does not mean that you are working in a bubble where no one can see you and you don’t see anyone else. Of course, there will be days like that, but equally there will be days when you need to visit a supplier or a customer, and you will benefit from having suitable work attire. You may work from home, but you still need to represent your business correctly. Custom polos are great way of projecting yourself and your business in a positive way to clients. Personalized clothing can carry your logo, marketing message or even just coordinate with your brand design.

Look Professional, Feel Professional

Waking up, having a shower, putting on makeup, doing your hair, putting on work clothes: it’s all part of the daily ritual of getting ready for work. Why should it be any different just because your commute is less than 30 seconds from living room to the office? Research suggests that getting up and getting ready for work just as you would if you had to commute into an office daily is essential – setting you up to be ready for the working day. If you look professional, you will feel professional, and if you feel professional you will be professional. This is the kind of self-fulfilling prophecy we can all get behind and understand.

Appearance shouldn’t matter as much as it does; after all, we are taught from a young age not to judge a book by its cover. However, taking care over our appearance is not only for the benefit of others, it can have a strong impact on our behavior and habits. Take a little time out of your day to pay attention to how you dress for work, and you will be able to reap the benefits – not just in a business sense, but in your personal life too.


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