Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about English Bulldogs

Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs that have the most adorable faces. Their big, loving eyes and cute facial expressions have endeared them to dog-lovers around the globe. Despite the negative sentiments being propagated by some charlatans about the elevated cost of raising a bulldog, nothing could be further from the truth.

The health of your bulldog depends on the quality of its genes. You can significantly reduce the risk of getting a disease-prone purebred dog by purchasing from a first-rate breeder. If you desire to have a loving bulldog, get an English bulldog for sale at a great price.

Have a look at all the information you need to know about English bulldogs:

  • They are social dogs

We all know that all dogs are naturally social creatures. However, bulldogs take this aspect a notch higher. English bulldogs desire to be close friends with everyone, irrespective of whether they are humans or fellow animals. Their social disposition makes it the perfect family dog. English bulldogs will always try socializing with you and your loved ones. They might appear tough on the outside but they’re all soft and mushy in the inside. You won’t have to worry about introducing your pets to the newly acquired bulldog – they will all get along well.

  • They are relaxed and laid back

There’s a common misconception doing the rounds stating that bulldogs have low energy and are generally lazy. Truth is, English bulldogs love to relax and chill out. Their laid back nature usually rubs off on their owners. So if you desire to have a stress-free life away from the hustle and bustle of this crazy existence, get an English bulldog. This breed will teach you how to chill and relax more frequently. Bulldogs are gentle and calm towards everyone. In addition, they are able to transmit their peaceful aura to others.


  • They are stubborn


English bulldogs are extremely sweet. However, most of them are very stubborn as well. You must consistently indicate to them that you mean exactly what you say. Young English bulldog puppies are usually jumpy and very excited. Consequently, they get into lots of trouble. But once they mature, they adopt a calmer temperament and rarely involve themselves in mischief. Some bulldogs channel their aggression towards dogs of similar sex while others barely get along with felines. Luckily, you can train your English bulldog to practice restraint.

  • They are loyal and devoted to family

Nothing makes an English bulldog happier than being in the company of its family. These adorable creatures love getting affection and love from people. Bulldogs will follow you around and give you company as you perform your chores. You can shower them with gifts and toys of varying shapes and sizes, but they won’t be truly happy unless you give them some personal affection. So seize every moment to hold them and pet them. English bulldogs especially love being engaged and pampered. Clearly, it doesn’t take much to please these beautiful dogs.

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