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3 Solutions for Maintaining Your Independence as a Senior

As someone who has always taken care of yourself on your own terms, getting older may be difficult to manage at times.

It isn’t that you don’t feel up to the task of taking care of yourself, but your body’s — and sometimes your mind’s — age-related changes sometimes come with the increased risk of injury and illness that can derail your plans for the independence you crave.

Thankfully, there are plenty of practical and gratifying solutions that allow you to take your independent future right back into your own hands.

1. Reduce the Risk of Falls in Your Home

You should use a strategic approach to reduce the risk of falls in your home. U.S. News lists falls as the cause of the most common — and independence-threatening — injuries, such as hip fractures, among the healthiest seniors. There are several steps you can take to avoid falls:

  • Minimize the Physical Risks of Falls. Do everything possible to avoid a fall by working with your adult children to put in safeguards, such as railings in the showerand bathtub, next to the toilet or along any stairs. Also, remove furnishings and objects that create obstacles to easy walking and maneuvering. Always mop up spills immediately, and hire someone to shovel your walkway and lay down a de-icing treatment in the winter.
  • Stay Active, Fit and Flexible.Brisk walks, light weightlifting and yoga focused on flexibility and balance can help you avoid falls.
  • Avoid Hurrying. Always give yourself enough time to arrive at your destination so you don’t need to unexpectedly pick up the pace, which can cause uncertain footing and potential falls.

2. Protect Your Finances

Your finances are another key factor in your ability to maintain your independence, so you can stay in your home as long as possible. Consider hiring an attorney with whom you can designate a power of attorney. It is important that you choose a power of attorney who has your best interests at heart, so they can take over your financial duties if you become ill. This person must be willing to stay true to your wishes, as much as possible, according to information from medical professionals and your attorney. It is also important that you protect your savings and retirement pension to enjoy your senior years in comfort and without worry.

3. Invest in a Medical Alert System

A high-quality medical alert device, like the Lively Mobile from GreatCall, has a variety of safety features and is an invaluable tool to help you maintain independence. You can stay safe in your home while keeping your children’s minds at ease. Because you know they worry about you, of course. A medical alert system is the perfect compromise since today’s devices commonly have the following essential features:

  • Patented GPS. This built-in technology confirms your location quickly and accurately, so emergency assistance providers can get to you as fast as possible.
  • Fall Detection. With this added service you won’t even need to call for help. If your device detects a fall, it instantly sends out an alert.
  • You can wear your device 24/7, no matter what your activities are, including showering, gardening or swimming.
  • Easy to Wear.Today’s medical alert systems are versatile, giving you the option to wear yours around your neck or clipped on a pocket.

Maintaining independence simply takes some strategic planning in your senior years. Your realistic approach to aging, along with planning accordingly, will help you to enjoy a happy and healthy independence.  I also seek support from  They have plenty of articles to answer any questions I may have.


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