6 Shrewd Ways to Promote Your B2B Press Release in Social Media

Social media is the best and economical way to promote your press releases. All you have to do is to come up with a good strategy and you can then create a strong relation with your customers and can create brand recognition easily. Press release will always remain the best tool for the marketing purposes but they have to be used in the right way in order to get the most out of it. Today you can create links with your press releases which then results in high quality leads. And to build those links social media is the best place to promote your press release. We know you have a good press release prepared for the release but how to attract more people is the actual task. In this article we will provide you some tips about how you can promote your press releases on the internet to get more readers.

Include links in the press release:

The best thing about the digital press releases is that you can add links in it. Not only the links but you can even include a button in your press release that makes the sharing process easier for the users. Include social media sharing links in your press release so that more and more readers can share your press release.

Use Social Media language in your press release:

There are some terminologies associated with the social media that you can use to good effect. For example you can use hashtags in your press releases to promote it on the social media. Twitter handles can also facilitate you in social sharing and you can easily expand your audience with these hashtags and twitter handles.

Include images:

Social media is all about images and videos and you can use images in your digital press releases to optimize it on the social media. You don’t have to be a graphic designer in order to create an image for your press release. Just take a stock photo and combine it with the eye catching text. This will increase the visibility of your press release on the social media.

Pay for Promotions:

Every social media site offers paid promotions and you can spend a little on those promotions to get more readers for your press releases. You can also target your specific audience with these paid promotions which means that the chances of getting leads will increase.  Although these promotions come with a price tag but you can control your budget on the daily basis and can work within the funds that you have.

Use your blog to promote your press release:

If you have a considerable amount of followers on your blog site then you can even use that to promote your press release. Create a summary about your press release and post it on the blog. But you can just copy and past your press release in all your blogs as you might get penalized by the search engine for duplicating the content and your SEO will then get affected because of this. That is why it is advised to use summarized points of the press release in the blog.

Use Video:

If you are going to launch a product then a video can be the best option to grab the attention and to engage people. You can create a 15 seconds video about the product or you can even go live on the social sites. The success of the videos on social sites is remarkable and that is why we encourage people to use it as a booster tool.

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