How to Incorporate Organic Materials into Your Interior Decor

With the growing desire to balance the increasingly digital world that we live in, some people are looking for ways to incorporate organic materials into their interior décor. Organic material is anything made out from raw, natural elements. This may include fabric, flooring, and furniture.

Organic materials provide a healthier choice for interior decorations, seeing as they are non-toxic with little to no chemicals.  For example a concrete basement floor no longer needs to remain “just” a concrete floor.  An option is to seal it with Right Choice Coating & Sealers to make it so much better and nicer.  The addition of organic elements in your home can make you feel at peace, calm and above all, welcomed. Using natural interior décor design elements can also help you connect with nature to nurture your health and well-being.

How to Incorporate Organic Materials Into Your Interior Decor

Natural Stone

This is one of the most popular elements used in home designs today. Natural stone is aesthetically pleasing and inherently earth-friendly, thanks to its durability, recyclability and enduring life-cycle. You can use Calacatta Gold marble for your kitchen countertops to bring out an elegant look that not only gives out a warm vibe but also welcoming. An all-white Carrara marble fireplace creates a dramatic focal point of the classic modern living room.

Woven Materials

Woven décor elements give out that handmade quality with a terrific texture. These elements can look modern, rustic, graphical and natural. Consider wall grouping some colorful woven baskets to add a cheerful organic vibe to your living room. A woven rope seat adds richness, texture, and warmth to your space.

Wooden Elements

Nothing says organic like natural wood. It is so awesome when you surprisingly uncover old oak floorboards.  Wood tends to add welcoming warmth to any design and style, be it the flooring, ceiling, walls, furnishing or accessories. Wood furniture, in particular, reveals artistry at its finest.

If you prefer an antique wooden bedroom that brings the nostalgia of the early century home living, look to an artisan-crafted bed. You can layer it with the best bamboo sheets to finish the look.

For a rustic and country, yet elegant feel, combine lots of wood, woven elements and natural stone with glass walls. You can have your wooden pieces finished to look like shiny marble or leave them raw and unstained to show off its beautiful imperfections of grains and knots.

Brick As a Focal Point Or As a Backdrop

What could be more organic than clay, mud, and water? Bricks have an appeal to modern design that is unmatched. Exposing the brick wall in your living room reveals the past while aesthetically complementing the present. The uniformity in the pattern and the rich shades of brown and red makes a gorgeous backdrop for any modern space. It is also a great way of adding color and texture.

Natural Sunlight

One of the easiest, cheapest and most brilliant ways of incorporating nature’s most beautiful element is by letting natural sunlight flood your interiors. Natural sunlight can make any room come alive. To allow plenty of it into your home, install expansive glass walls.

There are so many ways you can bring the outdoors into your home with the use of organic elements in your décor. Do not shy off from setting off your golden tones with touches of spring, deep forest green or even lime-green to create a fresh, airy atmosphere.


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