Natural Cork Eco Friendly Packable Backpack

I have been looking for a backpack for a while.  I didn’t think I was asking for too much but I wanted something lightweight, strong enough to carry my laptop, notepads/books, iPad, Kindle, calculator and whatever else I need for my job and running things back and forth or to meetings.  I needed a backpack that could hold up to daily use AND be as waterproof as possible because of the electronics I carry as well as all the important documents.  I did not want nylon – nylon is lightweight but I need something more sturdy.

Along comes this Natural Cork Packable Backpack.  It has a design similar to nylon backpacks where it folds right up into itself and its own small pouch.

I was so incredibly surprised but how light this backpack is.  I couldn’t believe it actually.  But I can’t imagine a nylon backpack being even lighter than this – with nothing in it, it barely weighs anything at all.

This backpack is definitely durable.  I have been carrying it now daily for two weeks and it holds up to all the jostling, trips to work, the barn and more. Not to mention it is totally cool looking – people are constantly asking me what it is made of.

The zippers, pulls and clips are all nice quality and hold up well.  This is a 20L backpack – the storage space is more than large enough to carry anything I need with me.  Cork is eco-friendly so that makes it even more perfect!  The backpack can be folded right back down into its own little zippered pocket – but since I use it every single day it is really never empty enough for me to bother folding back down.  I would love to have a second or third one to keep in our vehicles – especially for when we have horse shows to travel to.  A spare backpack would be perfect.

I am not a teenager and I love this but I can tell you all the young people in my life (teenagers) LOVE this backpack – yup it is just that cool which of course by extension makes me that cool!

Additionally, this backpack is not a favorite of just one gender – it is a favorite of men and women alike.  I also plan to get another one for my kids – they are teens and no one likes it when their teens are carrying 50 pounds on their back.  Anything I can do to lighten their loads will make me much happier.

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