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Bomax SD Card Reader

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I have adapters all over the place.  It seems I always need all different sorts of adapters for my electronics.  Either they are Android products, iPads, iPhones, SD cards, Micro SD cards etc…  It seems I could easily carry 20 different products for all my needs.  But with this Bomax SD Card Reader I can eliminate so many of the readers and adapters that I currently carry.

This is so small and can easily fit in my pocket, a small pocket in my purse, or even in my wallet.  It takes up virtually no space at all.

The USB 3.0 enables data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps for faster sync times – I can get my work done faster and more easily.  No problem at all!

The TF & SD card reader are easy to carry and perfect for viewing, editing, sharing pictures and videos in the camera or smartphone!  Easy to transfer to my laptop whenever I want and wherever I want.   This SD Card Reader comes with a 1 year warranty.

Compatible with:
iPhone 8,8x, iPhone 7/iPhone 6s/iPhone 6/iPhone 5s/iPhone 5/iPhone SE Samsung Galaxy S8 /LG smart phone and all the android phones with OTG function.iPad Pro/iPad/iPad mini 4. Macbook Air/Pro/iMac/iMac Pro SRL camera/Trail Camera/Action Camera/Gopro Camera/Quadcopters Camera.

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