Memory Foam Toddler Pillow

I love the size of a toddler pillow – I do not have a toddler at home, this is something I wanted for me.  Just a little something to make my nights more comfortable and relaxing.

This Memory Foam Toddler Pillow is 100% hypoallergenic.  Sometimes when you get a memory foam pillow, it may have a smell – this pillow, straight out of its bag does not have a smell.  I am very thankful for that since I have tons of allergies.  This pillow is contoured so it aligns the spine perfectly and ergonomically and a great pillow can make all the difference zijslaapkussen volwassenen.

This pillow is very comfortable and moderately firm.  It is also not affected by air temperature – which is perfect in the summer when it is very hot – the pillow is not and can provide a comfortable resting spot.

The inside is breathable and the surface always remains dry.  The interior is a polyester fill – no feathers that can bother allergies (like mine) and no poisonous memory foam.

Need a gift idea?  This one is perfect for anyone, any age.  The pillow cover itself is 100% organic cotton – nice and soft on skin making it perfect for youngsters as well as elders.  It also makes for a great travel pillow – fits nicely in any size suitcase.

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