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The Queen And The Outcast by Whole Damn Mess – Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

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My husband always purchases me music for Valentine’s Day.  I am seriously not a flowers kind of girl – between my allergies, the fact that I am much happier at the barn than in a garden, and my frugal nature – flowers just aren’t in the cards.  I have no doubt he would love to get me flowers and has on occasion.  But he also understands the practical side of me and always buys me music – for every holiday and occasion.

In that vain I am always searching for new music – music that has strong passion and really helps me become part of the song.  For me, I listen to music mostly while I am driving in the car OR when I am at the barn taking care of my four horses and doing chores (and sometimes I even dance with the horses and sing to them).  Music helps me take my mind off all the manual labor but it is also a way for me to connect to my horses.   One of my horses is such an emotional horse that the only way I can help my son get on him to ride his is if I calm him down by singing to him.  Therefore, music is so integrated into my routine and I love variety and being exposed to so many great new singers.

This search for new music and new singers has led me most recently to Whole Damn Mess.  Their new album – The Queen and the Outcast is such a unique love story presented in music.  It definitely has the passion and emotion I look for in my music.

We Don’t Need A Reason by Whole Damn Mess on VEVO.

What makes this album so unique?  Well, success stories don’t usually come with a twist ending. But that’s exactly what happened to singer/songwriter Don Miggs: only when he stopped trying to force his life to follow the familiar “fame and fortune” narrative did he finally realize that the story he’d already written was far more compelling.  It’s like people say – stop looking for love and you will find it.  That’s how I found love – was flat out refusing to date anymore… Lo and behold I met my soon to be husband and what a success, we have been married 27 years.

This musical love story makes it a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.  That story, as complicated and offbeat as life itself, is the focus of Miggs’ raw and confessional new project the Whole Damn Mess. The band’s debut album, The Queen and the Outcast, is at its core an unexpected love story. It’s a rock and roll fairy tale – on the surface the clichéd tale of two archetypes, the Rich Girl and the Bad Boy. In Miggs’ revealing, autobiographical songs, though, a more complex and richly detailed truth emerges. In the process, Miggs realizes that having everything you need doesn’t mean that you should give up on what you’ve always wanted.

To have the Whole Damn Mess, in other words, means that gaining wisdom and maturity doesn’t necessarily extinguish the fire in your belly or satisfy the dream in your heart. It’s about not holding back, about opening the floodgates and letting honesty and passion come out in all their unfiltered glory. It’s about giving up on perfection in favor of emotion in hopes of touching listeners’ souls, not just striking a hipster pose.

Check out this track listing:

1) And There They Were

2) We Don’t Need A Reason

3) Be Good To Yourself

4) Anywhere Without You

5) That’s Just How It Goes

6) Maybe We Should Do It

7) Helium

8) Summer Under Covers

9) When She Says

10) Got You Stuck in My Head

One of my favorite songs is “And There They Were” – the perfect pace and melody to keep me moving in my chores and entertaining me at the same time.  I can move quickly up and down the aisle and keep all the horses entertained in the process.  It is that kind of song you automatically feel – you feel it in your chest and everything!  You know the kind of song you even feel in your bones!  That is my favorite kind of song – it is more than lyrics and more than music.

Another of my favorite songs is “We Don’t Need a Reason” – I love the lyrics – Daylight, I’ve been chasing you all night… I love that song because it has a very smooth, catchy melody.  I can easily see it being a theme song for some sort of television show!

Whole Damn Mess is available now HERE and you can connect with them on:

Website: http://wholedamnmess.com

Facebook: WholeDamnMess

Twitter: @wholedamnmess  

Instagram:  @wholedamnmess


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