Line Your Promenades With Inimitable Artificial Ironwood Bonsai Tree

A promenade is an oasis in the jungle of concrete because it lets you have a place to breath in the otherwise suffocating city environment. When you enter any large corporate house, hospital or government offices paving through the promenade or take a stroll in promenade of the entertainment park it refreshes your mind and you get charged up full of energies. This necessitates promenade decoration.

Decorating a promenade is not an easy task as you have to consider many elements.  The first and foremost thing is that it should be pleasant to the visitors and pleasing to the eye. Whether you are running a large restaurant, mall, hotel, casino etc, outside landscaping should match with the architectural design of the building. Moreover, customer satisfaction is the prime object of any business and for this you must be able to create a lasting impression in the mind of your customers when they visit your business place so that they have some idea about the quality and class you maintain. Several studies also indicate that when people are near nature, they are found to be more focused and productive.

Easier said than done

It is very easy to idealize lining of a promenade with grass, but in reality, this is extremely difficult. Because when you plant grass, you are dealing with life and, therefore, this needs proper care. Moreover, these will naturally not stay green, one day putting you back to square one; as you have to arrange for saplings again. For this reason, we turn to artificial grass wholesalers for artificial grass that will stay green all the time creating the perfect landscape.

Using the natural look of artificial bonsai tree

The wall décor and artificial plants and trees can give a nice facelift to the interior landscape of the large corporate houses, government offices, hospitals, large restaurants, hotels, casinos theme parks, etc. These bring a nice piece of nature to your doorstep. The artificial trees manufactured these days are so unique, that these are very hard to differentiate from the live plants. All artificial plants are now made botanically correct, and for this, you need to touch those for feeling the difference from the natural plants. Moreover, these are available in a wide range of variety, and so, you have the option to choose whatever you like. One of the varieties of these is the artificial bonsai tree. Bonsai is the Japanese art of producing a miniature replication of large trees in tubs. However, the process is very complex and, therefore, people are now using an artificial version of the bonsai trees for both exterior and interior landscaping. Among these, the Artificial Ironwood Bonsai tree is mostly used for revamping the promenade of the commercial places.

Silk Ironwood Bonsai Trees

Ironwood is a generic name for many kinds of wood that are hard, and replicates many varieties of those trees for making artificial bonsai tree. Other than the Ironwood Bonsai trees, the Silk Ironwood collection includes plants and vines, foliage and leaves. The bonsai version of Ironwood trees is available with natural ironwood stems and premium quality polyester Ironwood foliage. These are fire retardant and hence safe to use. While these usually come in 6 feet height with a standard base, these can be customized as per customers’ requirements.

Benefits of using artificial trees

Technology has made it possible to have artificial trees mimicking the natural trees in all respects. Thus, the Ironwood artificial bonsai tree has become a popular choice for lining up commercial promenades. There many surprising benefits of using fake landscaping products.

  • Life like appearance: These are made botanically correct and therefore impart a natural look.
  • Readily Usable: These remain ever fresh and are available in ready to use option. You can just place them on any location as soon those arrive, and these will impart a soothing natural ambiance to your internal and external landscape.
  • Hassle free: These do not require any nurturing or fertilizing or pruning and pesticides application. These are absolutely maintenance free. Further, maintaining a live bonsai tree is a complex process and needs paramount care and attention. With these, you do not face any such hassles.
  • Unique flexibility: Since there is no nurturing and illumination requirement, these mimic trees can be placed anywhere you like; from your promenade to the darkest corner of your business place where the live plants will never grow. Further, these can also be interchanged between places for making readjustment to the landscape design.
  • Place & forget: The faux bonsai trees are water resistant and are also able to withstand temperature variation and climate change.
  • Extremely durable: Unlike the live trees that suffer from fading of leaves and also shed leaves in some season, these replicated trees have no such problem. Being artificial, these never die. Once you use the artificial landscaping elements for promenade decoration, they remain as it is keeping their luster for a long time.
  • Easy cleaning option: These are very easy to clean. Regular dusting and periodic washing with water will keep them fresh for a long time.
  • No insect attack: Being artificial these trees do not attract any insect like the live trees, and therefore, you can create an insect free environment without any fear of disease. Moreover, the pets are not attracted to these real looking plants, and as such, there is no fear of damage by pets.
  • Safe: These mimicking trees are fire retardants and these also conform to local fire regulations and therefore absolutely safe to use,
  • Wallet-friendly: Lining up the promenade of the commercial properties with these faux bonsai trees is affordable than keeping live trees. Since no maintenance is required you do not require to keep gardeners and also being durable, you need not change it frequently. Thus, you save on cost.

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