The Best Natural Attractions in NYC

New York City is home to many popular tourist attractions. While these are wonderful sights that are most deserving of a visit, sometimes you just want to get away from the crowds. After you’ve taken your family to the top of the Empire State Building, head over to the not-so-secret natural sights that reside in New York City.


Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Away from the tallest buildings and theatre crowds, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden presents a beautiful display of nature in the middle of a busy borough. In the Native Flora Garden, you’ll find plants native to the New York metropolitan area that includes native woodlands and pine barrens.

If you are fortunate enough to visit in the springtime, you and your family will have a chance to witness the blooming flowers in the Garden and learn about the various plant life in the area. You can also visit the Discovery Garden, which gives children of all ages the opportunity to explore plant life, ecosystem and native flora and fauna through the interactive plan and scientific investigation.

Central Park

The North Woods in New York City is found on the North end of the park, and it is one of the most secluded parts of the park. There are fallen trees, a beautiful ravine, and plenty of wild flora and fauna to help you escape from the neon and chrome of the city. Join Central Park’s Woodlands Discovery Club for families curious about the ecology of the area.

Also, within Central Park, take your family to the Harlem Meer – meer being the Dutch word for lake dating back to the city’s conception. It is a popular area for local families to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of NYC. Common wildlife in the area includes fish, turtles, and waterfowl. For those who enjoy catch-and-release fishing, swimming, or ice skating during the winter at Lasker Rink nearby.

New York Botanical Garden

This extraordinary natural center known as the New York Botanical Garden has all the flora and fauna you’d never expect to find in NYC. It spans over 200 acres with 50 gardens, as well as a conservatory and rotating exhibits. You can take self-guided tours through the Rock Garden or the arboretum or see the brightly colored roses at the historic Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden.

Bird-Watching at Jamaica Bay

At this 9,000-acre wildlife refuge, Jamaica Bay is home to thousands of land and shorebirds each year that frequently stop there during their migrations. In fact, over 300 species of birds have been recorded in the area within the last three decades. This natural escape provides the ideal location for those who enjoy bird watching.

Staten Island Greenbelt

If you want to see a small mountain in New York City, visit the Staten Island Greenbelt and take in the beauty of Moses Mountain. It is a true escape from the city into a natural world of forests, wetlands, ponds and lush green meadows. It is simple to describe and incredible to behold. The Staten Island Greenbelt is a great place to take your family when you simply need a day away from everyday life.

Of course, you can simply view nature from afar with a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry, finding resources such as to view the scene Hudson River on the edge of the city’s most famous monument.

Do not forget the most popular tourist attractions, but New York City is more than Broadway shows and five-star restaurants. You can enjoy time with nature, camping, swimming, and fishing away from all the hustle and bustle and experience true quality time in NYC.

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  1. vickie couturier says:

    i havent been to NYC in over 20 yrs,,missed all of these beautiful spots,,i ll admit i was scared to death the whole time i was there,,,watched too many nypd shows

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