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Are you a new mommy?

Excited, amazing, awesome are some superlatives which can express your feeling as you inch closer to deliver your bundle of joy into this world. Apart from the million names you shortlisted for your child, the hand-stitched sweater, baby socks and others, we give you an additional checklist which will keep your motherhood journey an exciting and healthy one. So let us start:

  • An online E-com account and registry: Yes, you read that right. As nation progresses and is on the brink of becoming a completely digitalized economy, we bring you digital goals. Carry a dump, this is not the right time you would want to hit the mart with your shopping cart. Order and receive it on your doorstep. Do not worry, we will tell you what you need to order.
  • Breastfeeding pillow: What is this? This a C-shaped pillow which could strap around any size waist and provide a headrest to the baby. So when you are feeding your little now and wanted to walk, this does wonder. Hence making you a super mom.
  • Baby Moby Wrap: Highly westernized item but very supportive of working moms. This will help attach your little one to your body and keeps him/her very close to your heart, literally. Though most of them hate these, it could come hand during one of those days when you want a hands-free.
  • Clean white soft cotton cloth: This is something which is never enough. These multi-tasking clothes help in everything from a burp to vomit.
  • Bottlebrush: We all have these in our house, but it is very important to have it one for our baby. Bottle feeding is something we cannot avoid, but this will help to clean the bottles better.
  • Electric Breast Pump: These might sound out of syllabus in India. But it is very crucial to have one. Most moms realize the importance of a breast pump once their supply needs one. And have a double electric one will make life easier.
  • Breast milk storage bags: When you are pumping breast milk it is very important to have bags in handy as every drop is very important. Most gynecologists do not recommend storing breastmilk for a longer duration. A Gynecologist in Mumbaiwas quoted saying breast milk can be kept in the freezer for a max of 2-3 hours. Hence these bags will come handy.
  • Micro steam bag: This will help in boiling and disinfecting some of the items before you reuse. Washing may not completely get germs but this will. These bags can occupy 10 items at a time so stuff like nipples, a breast pump can be disinfected with the help of these micro-steam bags.

So all the above things are highly recommended to new moms. One maternity hospital in Mumbai went a step ahead and conducted parental training sessions for new moms. Cherish your motherhood and welcome your bundle of joy with open arm and embrace it. Happy and healthy parenting to all moms.


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