What To Know About LED Light Up Clothing

Light up clothing is a fun way of expressing your personality. They can also be a great way to get you the attention that you have always wanted. It seems to be the most popular today, especially among teens because they come in simple but elegant designs. This type of clothing employs LED technology and they have panels that backlight the printed designs on them. You can find all design sizes to match your personal preferences. But before getting the light up clothing you desire, it is important to ask yourself a few questions.

What design options do I have?

Light Ups can be a great fashion statement, but the last thing you want is to end up stuck in a print design that you do not like at all. Sometimes it is best that you customize your artwork on the shirts and this is possible with most light up clothing makers. All you have to do is send your desired image to be printed in high resolution and choose all the colors that you want to be in your design. Such a possibility ensures that you get light up clothing that you love most. You can also decide to go for light up clothing that sound activated. If you choose to customize, make sure you are comfortable with the payment methods available to you.

How easy will it be to wash the light up clothing?

Usually, the mode of panel attachment on your clothing is what determines the cleaning requirements. Velcro prints require that you remove the panel and the battery set before washing whereas sewn in panels cannot be removed, but then you need to hand wash your light up clothing that is sewn on. Choose the option you find most convenient for you. They both have pros and cons so consider them and then make a final decision.

How comfortable is the battery pack?

This question will help when you select a Velcro shirt. The last thing you want is to get a t-shirt that is uncomfortable to wear for a whole day. The stitching should be done in such a way that the wires, the panel, and the battery pack remain in their rightful places and do not cause you any discomfort. You also want to make sure that it is easy for you to remove the lighting hardware to wash the shirt and easy to replace them after washing and drying the garment. Some garments have hidden pockets that allow the battery pack to sit without causing any discomforts.

How heavy is the light up clothing?

Different makers of the LED clothing and masks use different types of panels and battery packs. What is used will determine how heavy the t-shirt is but usually, the panels are flexible, thin and waterproof. The light up clothing you get should be comfortable enough for your liking and the material should be of superior quality to offer better results.


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