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Five Easy Changes for a Healthier Diet

Maybe you’re looking to improve your daily diet. The most effective way to accomplish this is to gradually change your usual habits. Small changes are easier to do than following through with a pledge to cut certain foods out of your diet. Consider five easy changes you can make to achieve a healthier daily diet.

Add One Vegetable to Your Lunch and Dinner Menu

Adding one vegetable to lunch and dinner is very easy to do. For instance, if you have a sandwich for lunch, you can put a pile of spinach on one side of the plate or even in the sandwich itself. You’ll feel better about your daily intake of vitamins and it won’t be a drastic change that you can’t live with. Other ideas are to add carrots, corn, broccoli, kale or lettuce to your lunch or dinner plate.

Eat a Fruit in the Morning with Breakfast

Maybe you have the same thing for breakfast every morning. Perhaps you have a bowl of oatmeal or an egg on toast. Add a fruit to your breakfast in the form of half a banana, an avocado, raspberries or cantaloupe. You can mix them with what you are having. For example, you can slice the avocado and put it on the toast with your fried egg. Or, keep your fruit as a side dish.

Treat Yourself to a Favorite Food on the Weekend

Treating yourself to a favorite food on the weekend can give you incentive to try your best to follow these healthy habits on weekdays. For instance, you could have a hamburger with everything and a side of fries at your favorite diner. Nina Teicholz, author of The Big Fat Surprise contends saturated fats aren’t as unhealthy as once believed. So, you don’t need to feel guilty about eating your favorite foods on the weekend. The most important thing is to eat in a healthy way on a regular basis with a few treats thrown in for fun.

Get Smaller Plates for Your Home

If you have full sized dinner plates at home, you may be tempted to fill them with food for every meal or even for a snack. When you use smaller plates at home, you aren’t going to be taking in as much food even if you fill up the plate. This is a little trick that seems too easy, but it can make a big difference if you’re trying to take in fewer calories.

Keep a Journal of Successes

This is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to eat in a healthier way. Each day, enter at least three successes into your journal. One entry may explain that you ate two types of vegetables, one type of fruit and a grilled chicken breast. When you feel that your efforts are not paying off, you can page through your success journal to see just how many changes you’ve made. Your journal is meant to inspire you in your goal of establishing better eating habits.

Lastly, trying just one of these five suggestions can get you started on the path to feeling and looking better.


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