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Network Marketing Business Card Options With Tank Prints

So you joined a network marketing company because you want to work from home… Network marketing can be a tremendous opportunity with some real success while still affording you an opportunity to be there for your children and your family while at the same time – creating some financial freedom.

I am an Independent Business Owner for Zija and our tagline says it all – Life Unlimited.  Not only is this particular company all about health and wellness but I truly love our products.  Feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more.  But you don’t need to join Zija to try and reach your financial goals – there are many many networking opportunities.  Wikipedia has a list of companies that you can check out.

For the most part they are all awesome at what they do and with the products they offer.  They have to be to be successful.  So find a niche you love – and hop on board.  Once you find a network marketing company you are interested in you will need to market yourself and the very first way to do that is to create business cards and put yourself out there.  Most of the companies offer a way for you to purchase business cards but they are so expensive!  Now, there is an alternative with Tank Prints!

Tank Prints is an opportunity to create your own business cards as an employee, customer or independent distributor via the company approved designs.  As you can see – Zija had a company approved design.  Actually they had 7 company approved designs – plenty of options for me to choose from!  Perhaps you want to work with Young Living… or Avon?  All you have to do is search for your company – by name or via the drop down menu – and personalize your selection and order.   Easy as can be.  The cards are high quality and gorgeous.  I am very happy with the results.

Why Tank Prints?  High quality; ease of use for the site; AND they give back to Disabled American Veterans, Military Child Coalition and Dogs On Deployment.

So let’s get those cards ordered!

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