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The Perfect Outfit For Your Next Yoga Lesson


If you were told that some people practice naked yoga, would you believe us?

If yes, it exists!

But since this is far from everyone’s thing and you probably prefer to dress for your next yoga session, you will have to choose a suitable outfit!  No need to bring out your sweet pink frilly dance tutu or 80s rugby shorts from the depths of your wardrobe – that will not work!

We give you plenty of tips to build your ultimate wardrobe for your hatha or vinyasa yoga class.  First, you need to know that yoga is a physical activity (and yes, despite what detractors say!), practiced on the floor, on a mat (yoga) padded.

In order to properly perform the various asana (yoga postures), it is important to choose an outfit that is loose fitting, facilitating freedom of movement.  If they are poorly chosen, clothing can restrict the ability to move freely.  And since you will mainly stretch during your yoga session, you do not want your outfit to squeeze you too much!

Why not equip yourself properly to practice yoga? Last year, the total money spent by yoga enthusiasts in yoga classes in the US was a staggering 16.8 billion dollars, up more than 6 billion since 2012!

Here are some rules to follow when choosing your outfit for your next yoga class:

You will do some stretching, sometimes pushed. Prioritize above all, an outfit that brings comfort. Avoid too tight clothing that interferes with both breathing and circulation.

Whether for the lower or upper body, you should not wear zip pockets. Why? Wearing zip pockets may cause injury during movement. Instead, favor technical fabric garments that effectively absorb perspiration, such as polyester. If you really sweat a lot, or are used to practicing dynamic yoga, opt for a cotton suit that absorbs moisture well.

These rules are valid regardless of your type of yoga classes online: Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, prenatal yoga, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga and so on. Remember to plan several outfits if you register for a yoga class, with daily practice or in a yoga school with a practice several times a week.

Warning! What you should not to do is reusing your synthetic garment from one class to another. If you do this, you would be disrupted by bad odors. Looking for a light, breathable, with a strong power of thermal regulation? Just go for merino wool! This material is clearly more expensive than polyester or cotton, but you will not regret it! Several brands of sport / outdoor today offer many clothes (top, bottom, underwear, socks and so on) in merino wool, a truly extraordinary fabric!

If you enjoy yoga classes where you are going to burn calorie like hot yoga or bikram yoga, which takes place in overheated rooms, you will sweat a lot! Take into account these tips so that the session becomes a nightmare for your neighbor!

However, you should be selective in choosing a yoga shop where you will buy your yoga outfit. You are advised to buy online and thus you will have more choices. Now, buying yoga equipment online is easier and more fun. We have experienced for several years in the world of yoga and based on our experience, there are only a handful of quality yoga stores. If we may suggest, Ana Heart Yoga Clothes can provide you with everything you need, of course with comfort as a main dish. Hopefully this article provides useful information for you. Good luck and happy yoga!


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