The Art of Studying – Tips and Resources

It seems like not so long ago when I was studying in high school and college.  Clearly though it was much farther away in time than my memory chooses to think it is since I have three kids beyond college now, one in high school and one in middle school.  Their reality seems like my yesterday.  With that said, I do try to instill some basic tips in my childrens’ studying routines to help guide them through their studies more easily and with less stress.

Studying Tips

  • Write it down – whether through flash cards or some other method.  Writing it down adds a visual aid to your studying.  We all learn differently and trying to use all methods helps tremendously to not miss any opportunities.  If you are writing it in notepads – write it, read it, read it, read it…
  • Create a song – nowadays (and yes, even when I was in school), you’d be hard pressed to find a student studying without doing something else at the same time.  Create a song to your favorite tune with the important facts.  It definitely does work.  Have fun with it.
  • Create a highlighting system – as you are sure you learn more and more, focus on what you have not learned yet.
  • Take a break, get plenty of rest, and remember to eat properly and stay hydrated.


Have you heard of  Whether you need support for computer programming, finance, marketing, agriculture, history, psychology and more… can help.  Study documents are available in .pdf formats and you can download up to 25 documents daily and can only have one account per computer.  The site is free and supported by ads.   Documents may also be uploaded and added to the database and editors do check copyrights and other details.   Think of this like a Waze for studying – the site is successful because of its users and it would be nothing without them.  So feel free to utilize the resources available and don’t be shy about adding documents when you are able.  Everyone supporting each other – like the best study group!

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  • Stacey Kaplan - Independent Scentsy Consultant

    When I was in school, I always found the best way to study was to just re-write my notes over and over again. I never crammed because you’re brain can only absorb 20 minutes of new information at a time, so basically, you’re not remembering anything else after 20 minutes. I would study for 20, rest for 30, study for 20. worked like a charm.

  • James Willey

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