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When Ordinary Lighting Just Won’t Do!

I live in a home that was built in 1925.  When we bought this home not much had been updated.  Over the years we have renovated and renovated and it has been made much more palatable for this era.  However, we still have a long way to go since it is about 10,000 square feet.  That much square footage takes a really long time to work through and renovate/rehab.  Our home is a really nice home – excellent shape and had always been well cared for.  It is all about the decor.

We have also added on to our house so we have an entire section that is completely modernized while the rest still has a bit too much 1925 remaining.  What is our next step to modernize our home?  Lighting… Did you know in 1925 there were very few ceiling lights?  When we moved in every single room except for the kitchen had lighting only via lamps – no overhead lighting at all.  Oy vay that drove me crazy.  No room was ever bright enough – I felt like I could never see properly.

Over the years (we have lived here for 15 years) we have added better lighting but even what we have added has been more utilitarian and less for beauty or attractiveness.  Gotta love the ceiling fans.

But now the kids are all getting older and we would love to have a more modern look to our home.

Why does a light fixture have to serve just one purpose – lighting?  Why can’t it also be a conversation piece?  A thing of beauty.  The Trias I absolutely love – it is a 3 dimensional lighting fixture that reminds me of my younger days.  It has a crafty look to it while also being elegant and gorgeous.

All we need to make this transition is a lighting designer – we could do it on our own but we want more of a vision than we can manage on our own.

Visiting a design light shop rather than a local electrical store is definitely a great option.  They specialize in gorgeous lighting options that are a bit out of the ordinary and can cater to a person’s unique style.

Major considerations are style, design, color. size and location.  For us we are pretty much starting from scratch – in many of our rooms we can locate the lighting fixtures anywhere we want since there weren’t ceiling fixtures at any point in time.  I feel like we have a blank canvas to work with and it presents some exciting opportunities.

I desire to work with some amazing designers who will understand what my desires and needs are as well as how bright I need my rooms to be for photography as well as other projects I am working on.  For me – the amount of lighting is critical – my spaces cannot be low light spaces due to an eye condition.  I want my lighting designer to be as excited about this opportunity as I am and understanding of the fact that our home will definitely present some unique challenges.

I am ready to move ahead…

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