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Smiley Face Pillow Craft Project – Sew and Stuff Kit #ZoeysArt

Check out this awesome Smile Pillow Kit – it has everything you need to create a really cute pillow that can actually be used or simply to enhance decor.  This is the perfect project for an older child, tween or young teen.

The fabric, thread, needles are all included

Instructions are easy to follow and there are several different projects available.

This project is designed specifically to provide educational fun and a great way to take a child away from the dreaded electronics.  This pillow is so cute when finished.


These are fun to make and don’t take a great deal of time from start to finish.  The instructions are well written, very clear and plenty of photos for a child to follow on their own.  The project is designed for ages 5 and up.  All fabric is precut and even perforated for easy sewing.  What’s even better?  Since it is felt fabric it is easy to start over if by chance a mistake is made.

What are you waiting for?  Order your Emoji Sew and Stuff Kit Today

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