Great Green Ideas For Fun with Kids


Welcome to a New Green Decade

This is our time to step it up and make it the year we all know it can be. With the advent of the internet, many things became easier and greener. We’d like to think that many people these days are Green; however we know that most of us live in a technological world where it’s easier to spend money to do things; than to take a few extra steps and do them yourself – for yourself.  We all love festivals and events and you should check out these Top Things To Do Columbus Ohio.

Several years we joined and since then, we’ve given away hundreds of books, and magazines. most left in the open or “wild” as we bookcrossers say. they are always appreciated by those who find them. That’s Truly Green. We’ve left books at all kinds of places. restaurants, hotels, spas, beauty shops, airports, left on airplanes, beauty shops, barber shops, hospitals, stores, laundromats, bars, breweries, even coffee houses.

Most people love free stuff, and if you give – you will receive.

This year lets start it out right, and recycle our resources first as an example to others of how easy and fun it can be. Amalgamated Scrap Metal is a great resource here telling you why you should recycle in the first place.

Try one of these free things the next time you are looking for fun:

1. Go on a nice neighborhood walk. You can check out old houses, and get acquainted with history, architecture and neighborhoods you’ve never visited. all the while you are doing it, take photos so that you remember the fun.

2. Go to a Public Library and browse the collections of sections you don’t normally visit; like the Map Room, or the Films Section. you will enjoy discoveries that were right there waiting for you all along. The DPL hosts lots of free activities for all age levels as well they have a program to get you into local museums and attractions for FREE – Yes The Museum Adventure Pass is Wonderful.


3. Volunteer as a docent or usher at an attraction, theater or concert hall. This gets you in to see the show, and usually after the first act you are allowed to sit in the back to chill until others need to be seated. The hidden benefit to this is that you also get all areas access and may meet some VIPs and Stars.

4. Take a Factory Tour – The Ford Rouge Factory Tour in Dearborn MI. is one example of the best way to see what’s happening in cars and believe it or not Green Factory Redesign. You get a lil’ car sticker and goodies at the end, including a delicious Detroit Made Kowalski Hot Dog and a Detroit Faygo soda.

We’ve done lots of factory tours and trust me, all the kids we see just love it. We also did the Bettermade Potato Chip Factory Tour – the smell of those hot crispy freshly fried chips were heavenly; and yes you get some free at the end. there is a store on-site which sells them as well. Loves It !


5. Visit a park and have a picnic lunch. plan a day of exploration in an area of your state or country that is interesting to you; and make it a day. a nice lunch pre packed, and good walking shoes are all you’ll really need. We suggest you take a few extra goodies to feed to the local wildlife if you’d like Live Green Entertainment.

We carry old bread, crackers and popcorn to feed the birds and squirrels. They are so much fun to watch as they race to get the flying bread. Kids also learn alot about how to interact with nature from our visits to parks. We know that the butterfly and bee populations are declining; but this is the best way to see them in their own habitat. What could be greener than that !

6. Volunteer at a zoo or animal shelter. The joy of spending time close up with animals is so wonderful. we used to work at the nature center, where we assisted with live animal demonstrations and care. we were also trained to take the visitors on nature walks around the preserve. The flora and fauna have a way of soothing the most industrialized brain.

(Hey Daisy and Harley) if you look at the sidebar you will see the Animal Adoption Agency thanks to Daisy and Harley Kitties. Every area has one, so go get yours.

7. Check out Local Sculpture Gardens and Urban Art Exhibits. They are everywhere now. Some of my friends and I went on a photo safari of our neighborhood. it was fabulous. We each brought our cameras and someone had a videocam. We taped the art and the walk. Then we went back to one of the guys kitchens to sit and enjoy a potluck dinner. There is nothing better than food, friends and photos.


8. Have a pot luck at your house and invite your friends. Compose your menu to allow you to each make a dish that is unfamiliar. this will add to the fun. theme it interesting. French, italian or greek are so passe’. why not go wild – tropical foods, arctic foods, raw foods, Live Food. Yes you will eat and the experience of fellowship over food will expand when you each tell why you made the dish you presented. this kind of communal dinner is quite popular now in some areas.

We used to attend a wild game dinner each year – that consisted of only meats that were killed by the contributors. We, the chefs prepared the feast for all the participants as our contribution. It’s still one of the hottest events every fall in our social circle. At the end each person got a small momento booklet of the recipes from that night. That was always a highlight.

9. Host a Fashion or Household Swap Party be sure to decide in advance what will be swapped. this will allow everyone to get and give their best exchanges. A group of my friends hold a jewelry swap party each fall. I get the nicest and most unusual pieces in the swaps. Purses, and even clothes are popular at swap parties these days.


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