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Crack Candy – An Awesome Campground Treat!

We camp – alot.  Each year we seem to camp a little less though.  When we started camping ten years ago we had never had family vacation time and buying an RV seemed like the perfect solution.  It has allowed us many memories and some time away.  However, as we get older and the kids get older – and parents get older, it becomes more and more difficult to get away.  Each year we seem to make the excursions less and less frequently and every year question whether we should continue… But then we finally get there and all those concerns seem to disappear and we see our special needs kids acting like kids.  We can’t give them these experiences at home – this campground is special and we searched for a year to find the perfect place.

I will say what we call camping is sort of camping.  We own an RV so we have TVs, air conditioning and heat.  It isn’t exactly roughing it but we do spend most time outside until everyone is ready to crash and go to sleep the second heads hit the pillows.

Cooking is accomplished mostly through the grill and crockpots.  Our crockpot generally serves a purpose of chili or lasagna but we cannot ignore how awesome it is to make candy! Today I bring you Candy Crack.  Now I would love to say I created this recipe out of thin air but the inspiration came from a recipe floating around Pinterest for Christmas Crack.  But that recipe had more peanut butter flavor in it than I cared for so the kids and I created an alternative and it is a huge hit!

If you are ready… here is the recipe…

This creates a HUGE batch – we tend to freeze a great deal.  You can certainly reduce the size but this fills the crockpot (6 quart) and uses full packages.

1 sixteen ounce jar salted peanuts

1 sixteen ounce jar unsalted peanuts

1 twelve ounce bag of semi sweet chocolate chips

1 twelve ounce bag of milk chocolate chips

2 ten ounce bags of butterscotch chips

3 twelve ounce bags of white chocolate chips

Put all ingredients in crockpot in this exact order.  With a large spoon, fold all the ingredients together.  Cook on low in your crockpot for about an hour to an hour and a half until all chocolate is melted.  You can stir after the first 45 minutes then every 15 minutes.  It will look like it is not melting well until you stir it – then you will see that it is perfectly melted.

Scoop by spoonful onto wax paper or parchment paper and place in fridge til hard.

Then serve!


Don’t you just love recipes that you can dump the ingredients in and walk away?!  My kids and all our campground friends can’t get enough of this stuff.


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  • Sherri

    By “jars” of peanuts do you mean dry roasted? That is all they sell in jars in my area. I want to make this to go with my Christmas cookie baskets.

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