5 Reasons Why Mass Tsang is the Defense Team for You

Mass Tsang, LLP is a group of skilled criminal impaired driving lawyers who are ready to help you through any criminal charges that you might face. Whether it’s an impaired driving charge or something as serious as domestic assault, we make sure to provide you with all the defense resources you need to fix the situation. A good legal team can make even the darkest of situations better, and Mass Tsang represents one of the best in the business.

1: Experience with DUI Charges

Impaired driving is one of the most common crimes that go to court in the Barrie area. If you face an impaired driving charge in Barrie, you need good defence lawyers to make sure that you get the due process you deserve. Mass Tsang has won over 1,000 DUI cases and features a staff of skilled attorneys that care about your rights. Even if you do bear some fault for an impaired driving charge, Mass Tsang can make sure you don’t face a bigger punishment than you deserve.

2: Practice in Many Criminal Justice Areas

In addition to having experts on staff that can handle an impaired driving charge, Mass Tsang has a legal team that is well-versed in many different criminal defence areas. This includes drug charges, domestic assault cases, and theft and fraud situations. If you find yourself wrongly accused of such as crime, Mass Tsang can help you get acquitted. Even if you do bear some guilt, a skilled defence team can make sure that any eventual punishment meets but does not exceed the severity of the crime.

3: Around the Clock Availability

A crime or other unfortunate situation doesn’t wait until the start of the business day to occur. At the same time, when you get arrested, time is of the essence. Mass Tsang has around the clock availability, 24 hours per day and seven days per week. This makes sure that you get the help you need right away, no matter what time the incident occurs.

4: Flexible Fee Structures

Many people hesitate when selecting a defence attorney because they are worried about cost. Again, speed is essential when handling a criminal case, especially one that might end in jail time if you do not have a skilled attorney. Mass Tsang offers flate rate fees and flexible payment plans. The firm also accepts LegalAid assistance. Finally, you can get a free consultation to determine that this is the right defence for you.

5: Numerous Practice Areas

A skilled team of attorneys also means that Mass Tsang has a great deal of knowledge about many fields. This includes knowledge of impaired driving charges, drug possession accusations, theft and fraud, and even domestic or sexual assault. No matter what crime you find yourself accused of, Mass Tsang can help you prepare the defence you need and get the results you deserve.

Whether you find yourself going to court over a simple traffic violation or something much more serious, Mass Tsang can help. Act quickly and call for a free consultation to make sure that you don’t wind up facing a punishment you don’t deserve.

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