The 4 Best Cities for Baseball Fans to Visit

The perfect US summer consists of warm weather, fun vacations, and, of course, baseball. If you’re a true baseball fan, you’ll want to experience the best stadiums and passionate personalities across the country, as there’s definitely a lot more to see outside of your own ballpark.

If you are planning a vacation, and want to catch a game or two on your travels, here are the four best cities for baseball fans to visit.

  1. New York City

The New York Yankees are easily one of the most famous teams in baseball, but the New York Mets shouldn’t be overlooked either. As the city offers two talented teams, you’ll never be far away from an exciting ball game in the Big Apple.

Yankee Stadium offers 50,287 seats, but you’ll still need to be quick to secure some tickets, while Citi Field is a little more intimate as it welcomes 41,800 fans. Once a ball game is over, you can catch a show on Broadway, take a stroll through Central Park, or visit one of the many fantastic museums in the city.

  1. Boston

Of course, one of the best baseball rivalries of all time is between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. So, if your allegiance is to the Red Sox, book a ticket to Beantown. While New Yorkers might have two teams to choose from, Bostonians have all declared their loyalty to the Red Sox, so expect fierce passion when they talk about their team.

You can also pay a visit to the famous Fenway Park, which has been the team’s ballpark since 1912. After a ball game, you could visit the Boston Tea Party ship, enjoy the Freedom Trail, or could pay a visit to the New England Aquarium.

  1. San Francisco

While San Francisco might not have Boston’s baseball history, it offers a unique sporting experience for baseball fans. You only have to step inside AT&T Park, which is home to the Giants, to understand, as it offers stunning views of San Francisco Bay.

The city is also full of passionate fans who are proud of their three World Series championships, which they secured within a decade. Just don’t talk to them about the Los Angeles Dodgers! Before or after a game, you can take a photograph of the famous Golden Gate Bridge, explore Alcatraz Island, or enjoy the beauty of Golden Gate Park.

  1. Louis

Even Chicago Cubs fans would have to admit that the St. Louis Cardinals are one of the best baseball teams in the world. After all, they have secured three National League titles and two World Series Championships in the space of a decade.

It’s also home to spirited fans who regularly sell-out the stadium, so you’ll need to book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. The build-your-own nachos are worth the visit alone. There are also plenty of activities to keep you busy in the city, such as the Gateway Arch, Forest Park, and the City Museum.

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