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How to Recognize The Vicious Cycle of Alcoholism

Alcoholism can simply be defined as excessive use of a substance which we call alcohol. Alcohol although enjoyed by many different people in the world can have devastating effects on a person if he or she abuses it and let it go too far. There are many different common symptoms and signs of Alcoholism and this is here to give you some insight into what these are so you may be able to stop yourself or someone you know before they become addicted to this substance. If you are trying to learn the best ways to stop drinking , we must learn to recognize alcoholism for what it is.

Frequent Drinking and Alcohol Abuse

When it comes to symptoms of this condition one of the first signs is frequent intoxication of yourself or the person you know. This means that a person continues to drink regularly or excessively on a day to day basis, or has a need to drink at different and odd times of the day. This may include places such as driving while intoxicated or operating machinery, or when looking after children etc. A person may also suffer from blackouts or become aggressive or violent towards loved ones.

Even drinking moderately if it is done on a day-to-day basis can be considered a sign of alcoholism. Keep in mind that alcohol is a very addictive substance and daily intake of this substance will make you body dependent to it and soon your intake of alcohol will increase. Visit if you need a solution to this alcohol addiction. They might be able to help you with this.

Another common and early symptom of this condition is drinking to the point of making yourself sick, then continuing to drink the next day. Repeated exposure to alcohol can cause complications both health and social wise. Repeated exposure to this drink may also mean arriving drunk at work or attending family reunions and getting in trouble with the law.

Seclusion and Drinking in Private

Losing interest in activities and other important aspects in your life is another symptom of this condition. Most people tend to become anti social when affected by Alcoholism. They tend to fall away from the normal activities that once bought pleasure to them. It’s also pretty obvious because they know that frequent drinkers or alcoholics don’t give a good impression to the society.

Another sign of this condition is when you find the need to drink in secret or spend the time drinking alone. People who tend to find a need for secrecy when drinking are usually feeling guilty or they do not want anyone to know about their problem. They often find themselves in denial about their drinking habits and find a need to hide it from the world.

But not all will seclude themselves. Some who are very shy will use this substance in order to boost themselves to mingle with other people. Some also use this substance whenever they have to do something in public (like making a speech, joining singing contests, etc.) to remove their shyness away.

Denial of Alcohol Abuse

People who have been abusing alcohol for a relative period of time showing signs of alcoholism will deny that they are in fact in the process of becoming alcoholics. They will not admit that they are having drinking problems and will defend their addiction and will say that they are just drinking moderately which is a very common trait among addicts. Acceptance that you are having drinking problems or that you are in the verge of becoming an alcoholic is the first step in fighting this problem.

Physical Signs and Symptoms

Hand shakes are common thing you will notice not only to people showing signs of alcoholism but to alcoholics themselves when alcohol is deprived in their body. Some also stutter and can’t speak well if they have not taken their regular shot of alcohol. And as mentioned above, the shyness factor returns to some alcoholics as soon as they are sober.

Red eyes, dry and yellowish skin are other signs that you will notice to someone who has drinking problems.

There are many diseases that alcohol abuse will give to your body and your liver is the organ that is at great risk. As alcoholism progresses a swelling of the liver may occur which may result in liver cirrhosis. This condition when left too long can cause your liver to break down and stop working because it cannot filter the alcohol from your system. Cirrhosis of the liver usually occurs in people who drink heavily and cannot stop themselves.

There are many different signs of Alcoholism. Learning how to stop drinking is not difficult at all; a proper positive mental approach, a strong desire and a strong determination is all that you need. If you are aware of someone who may be struggling with a drinking problem, why not seek help as soon as possible and get him treated at this alcohol treatment centers Florida to help ensure the best outcome possible. This will help him avoid severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms and of course, you will be glad that you did. Saving someone is the noblest thing that you will do in the course of your lifetime.


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    We humans love alcohol and have learned, probably to our own justification, to make drinks with alcohol so delicious and flavorful that thick books are written about them. Nevertheless, no matter how socially and culturally important alcohol is, one hundred percent, everyone’s head cracks from it, no matter how advanced the culture of consumption is, headaches are firmly woven into the drinker’s way of life.

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