Quick and Easy Meatball Sub Casserole

Meatball Sub Casserole

TASTY had this recipe as Meatball Sub Bake but my son calls it his casserole.  It is so easy to make and definitely a favorite of his.  He loves Meatball Subs – would eat them every day if he had his way – which he doesn’t.

It is so incredibly easy to make – I don’t even need to make my own meatballs, though I can if I want of course. However, you can make your own to make this recipe even better.  To make great meatballs – you need to use the best manual meat grinder for quality ground meat

We often get home quite late after work, school, taking care of the horses etc… It is not unusual for us to leave the house at 6:30am and get back home around 8pm.  No one feels like trying to make a big meal at that hour – no one feels like even eating a big meal at that hour!

I used a can of Pillsbury Grand biscuits – I used all but two because of the size of my pan.  The other two didn’t go to waste – the kids ate them as plain biscuits while waiting for their casserole to finish.  The first step is to cut the biscuits up into small pieces and spread in the pan.

Pillsbury Grands Cut UpThen add some spaghetti sauce and toss the sauce and biscuits together then spread evenly in pan.

Addition of sauceThen add as many meatballs as you want.  We were using large sized meatballs so I cut them in half then added them.

The addition of meatballsThe last addition, and totally essential – a nice layer of shredded mozzarella!

Plus mozzarellaBake for about a half hour at 350 and count the moments until it cools off enough for you to actually eat it!

Its DoneAnd my kids can now “dig in”!

My son is in heaven


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