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Xnspy Review: Is This WhatsApp Spy App Any Different from Its Rivals?

Spying apps, though a niche compared to the rest of the surveillance industry, have still managed to become a multi-billionaire business. Seeing the potential, new spy apps are rolled out every other day. But not all of them are worth their claims. Many apps claim to be better than their competitors, the truth is, most of them fail against the most important benchmarks. Xnspy is another app that claims to be among the best spying apps for WhatsApp. But is it any different from the apps available in the market? Let us find this out in this review.

Is Xnspy a WhatsApp spying app only?

Don’t think of Xnspy as an app for WhatsApp monitoring only. It has more than 35 monitoring features that are on par with any good app in this category. How good are they? Here are some of them for your insight.

Social media monitoring: Xnspy covers WhatsApp spying all around. You can see the WhatsApp call logs, chats, and group conversations, and even the shared multimedia. But as aforementioned, do not take it as a WhatsApp spy app only. Besides WhatsApp, Xnspy lets you spy on many other popular social media messengers, including Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Viber, Kik, and Line.

Xnspy Alerts: We found this feature especially helpful. Not only you save time by avoiding to look into all the logs but also get actuarial reports about specific things you particularly want. Xnspy Alerts is a feature that allows the user to include particular words, emails, contacts to an alerts list. For instance, if there’s contact on the Watchlist, you’ll receive a quick notification in your email whenever that number comes up on the phone.

Remote control: Another one of Xnspy’s premium features is its remote control ability to monitor the target phone. Let’s take the example of Ambient Recorder. This feature silently accesses the microphone of the monitored smartphone and records its surroundings even if the user is not on a call. It then uploads the recording to your account which you can access from any internet browser on your computer or phone. The only constraint here is that it records a maximum of 30 minutes and you have to give another command. There are some others surprising remote control features like remotely locking the device and wiping it.

Which operating systems does it support?

Compatibility is always a concern when looking for a good monitoring app. Some apps have good features but limited compatibility while it’s the opposite for many others. Xnspy has kept compatibility one of its strengths. Besides supporting all the previous Android versions, it supports the latest Android Oreo 8.0. You can check the compatibility of your target device on their website where they have a dedicated section for this.

But it does not stop here. It also supports the iOS and does not require the device to be jailbroken before using it.

How much does it cost?

You must be wondering the price would be quite high considering the services it offers but Xnspy has tried to keep its prices very competitive. Currently, it offers two packages to its users.

  • Basic
  • Premium

The basic package is designed for those people who want to do basic monitoring like accessing contacts, phone logs, and messages. Since the package does not offer the premium features, its price is considerably low than the premium package. A yearly subscription of the basic package barely costs $8.33 per month.

The premium package has all the high-end features like the remote control capability, Xnspy alerts and so on. As is the case with other apps, if you want to use the premium features you have to pay more than the standard prices. The premium package’s annual plan costs $12.49 per month only. Considering what you get in return, the premium package seems quite a bargain in this price.

Good stuff

There are plenty of good things about the app. Starting from the compatibility for both iPhone and Android phones to the affordable price and high-end monitoring features, there is a lot good that it has to offer.

Bad Stuff

There isn’t technically anything bad about the Xnspy, like the usual lagging that we see on other spy apps or the performance issues. But we still think that some features can still be made better like the surround recording limit must be increased at least to 2 hours.

Bottom line

After scrutinizing the app in detail, we believe that except for a few things, it is clear that Xnspy is not only better than its rival apps but you can easily count it among the best spying apps for WhatsApp.

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