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Low Sugar – Absolutely Delicious Donuts #Pillsbury

We have two teenagers in the house – and like most teenagers they would be happy sleeping into the afternoon if we let them.  Well I could get them up by nudging them, prompting them etc… OR I could make them breakfast and once they smell it – they are instantly out of bed.  Hence the evolution of the healthier donut.

I will start by saying these are low sugar donuts UNTIL the sprinkles are added.  So no – the sprinkles are not low sugar but they are also not on all the donuts.  Most do not have the sprinkles – but they are pretty…

These donuts are literally just two ingredients then one ingredient for the glaze (unless you opt to decorate with spinkles – then two ingredients)…

You need Pillsbury Sugar Free Cake Mix and about 2 cups of very ripe, mashed bananas…  You can get this cake mix online but it is far less expensive to just pick it up at Walmart.  Mix those two together well – the batter will be thick.  Place all the batter in a gallon size ziplock bag and snip the corner so you can pipe the batter into donut tins.  Bake at 350 degrees until nice and golden.

The Cooked Sugar Free Donut

Isn’t that an awesome looking donut?  Well if you want to glaze them – how do you make it sugar free?  Well you take a canister of Pillsbury Sugar Free Frosting and melt it in the microwave for 15 seconds.  I take it out of the canister and place it in a bowl so I can easily dip the donuts.

Dipping the Sugar Free Donuts

Gorgeously dipped and ready to eat…

Gorgeously Dipped Sugar Free Donuts

What’s next?  Well that is more than enough for my husband and I but for the kids, it is all about the bling.  That and they need to feel like they are better than at their local donut shop – hence the fancy sprinkles.

Don’t forget there are other ways to decorate – you can decorate however you feel you’d like to.  Ideas include melted chocolate, spray frosting, or even with a dollop of ice cream on top!

Fancy Sprinkles

We have many ways to make donuts to keep the kids interested and enjoying them.  Not to mention – once I get them up and ready, we need to head out the door to go take care of the horses.  I cannot expect them to help with chores on an empty stomach and this assures me they have plenty to eat before tackling the challenges at the barn.


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