Don’t Miss An Event – Even When Traveling Thanks To This Mini Cube Alarm Clock

Do you travel at all?  Well, traveling is getting more and more difficult.  You can only carry so much with you.  Most allow you to have one  carry on but checking bags?  Some don’t allow checked bags, some allow one, some allow some for a huge fee.  The point is, when you do travel everything needs to be small, as compact as possible, as light as can be and economized!

This clock is perfect for so many reasons.  It is nice and small – far smaller than I thought it would be but pleasantly so.  This clock displays the date, time and temperature with an LED light which is controlled by voice.  There are 3 alarm settings that are so easy to set.

It is small and wooden and would look great not only in a bedroom but also in an office.  It can easily fit into a carry on, purse, and of course suitcase.  Conveniently it runs on battery or AC power.  The LED light can be be bright or dim!.

I love how much it illuminates a bedroom.  It is so easy to get a quick look at the time.  Now my children even want one for their rooms – the good news is it is extremely affordable so I can easily make it happen.  Where can you find one?  On Amazon!

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