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Supply Storage Strap – The Answer To So Many Needs

We own horses and they have outdoor fields and indoor stalls.  They spend most of their time outside but in poor weather conditions they have stalls to go into.  When you own horses there is never enough storage space and when you do store things they need to be out of the way so horses don’t trip on them or simply step on them and break whatever you spent your hard earned money on.  Accidents happen – but doing what we can to prevent them is critical.

That is why I love this storage strap.  All week we have been cleaning up the barn – we board at a facility where there are dozens of horses and lots of owners making storage space even more critical.  I wanted this strap for things like – lights to see in the stalls to clean them; rakes, pitch forks, brooms, shovels, scissors etc.

I simply need to hang the items either directly through the loops or hang on the loops with the included carabiners.

The entire set – all the carabiners and the supply storage strap all come in a nice storage bag.  Easy to grab and go so we can also take it camping with us if we want (we camp alot).

Check out all these carabiners! There are 19 loops and 8 carabiners.  Of course we could buy more carabiners but most of our needs allow us to simply slide items like a rake through the loop without anything else needed.

I am just about finished cleaning up at the barn and ready to hang my strap.

What could you clean up with this supply storage strap?  There are so many options and it is available on Amazon.

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