The Core Team Of Florida’s Leading Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a service with a lot of obvious benefits to the people using it. Obviously, getting your company’s name out in front of thousands of people is good for business. Obviously, the Internet is the best place to do that. And, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, obviously Internet marketing is the most direct route between where you are and Internet stardom.

But what might not be obvious is all the hard work that goes into it. Digital marketing can be traced as far back as the 1980s, and it’s undergone a lot of changes during that time. From the early days of keyword stuffing and cheap backlinking to modern SEO and PPC strategies, it’s a living technique and is sure to keep changing well into the future.

And, through every change, the hard-working, talented, oddly good-looking men and women of Web Daytona, are at work using Internet marketing solutions to set you apart.

In fact, maybe it’s time we took a closer look at Florida’s leading digital marketing agency, and some of their amazing work. After all, with all of the raw talent sitting at desks in our Beach Street offices day every day, why not take some time out to brag every once in a while?

Gary Vela

CEO and company founder, Gary Vela, is a self-made man – and we mean self made. Having immigrated to the United States from the jungles of Peru at the age of seventeen, he worked his way up from learning to speak English fluently to starting his own digital marketing business in just over ten years.

Gary can be a bit of a renaissance man at times, equally at home assisting with server issues and broken code to design and quality control. But his heart is in sales, and it shows if you’ve ever sat across from him in a boardroom when he breaks down exactly how we’re going going to solve all of a client’s problems. It’s the kind of meeting that changes you.

Let’s just say we’re glad he’s marketing on our side. Some people are born to teach. Others are born to run. Luckily for us, Gary Vela was born for the digital marketing industry.

Ako Stark

What can be said about in-house SEO expert and master of website ranking, Ako Stark? You’d probably need most of a day and a lot more writing power than I have just to capture his manic energy, but that is a good place to start.

In short: Ako has never stopped moving in all the days I’ve known him. Constantly brimming over with electrifying new ideas for integrated marketing, he is the quintessential digital lightning-in-a-bottle. Whether it be pitches for viral marketing videos, requests for presentations on new technology, or fiercely defending his favorite YouTube stars (we all have our vices), Ako is the Internet.

Which is going a long way to avoid talking about his most important quality: Ako Stark can rank any website on the first page of Google. Any website. With his shaman-like understanding of SEO (and his up-all-night commitment to each project), he has been at the wheel for some of our biggest ranking wins.

Don’t believe me? Just check out what he did for our website earlier this month.

Duncan Reyneke

I once saw Duncan Reyneke fight Batman and win.

I also happen to be Duncan Reyneke, so I wouldn’t trust me when I write something like that. But my point stands: when it comes to creating content Web Daytona can use to bring out our clients’ best sides, we make sure to use a professional. And, not to toot my own horn, but after a decade in the writing industry and two books to my name, I’m not half bad, thank you very much.

As writer and content creation pro, I’m responsible for creating dozens of blogs, emails campaigns, press releases and on-site content for our huge roster of clients. Scripts for filmed ads are also my responsibility, and I’ve been known to proofread communications, both in and out-of-house.

It’s a joy for me to get to do this much writing, especially after that whole Batman fight thing.

I’m kidding.

Or am I?

Nika Katsadze

Every office has to have its grouch, and we love Nika for being ours. As our in-house IT expert, Nika is a constant source of answers to all our tech problems and an occasional source of salty comebacks when he’s feeling moody.

He is our resident IT genius, proudly showing off his full stack developer chops on everything from HTML and CSS to backend server work and technical support when it’s needed. We could say he’s a success because he’s a quick learner, or that it comes from being a bit of a chameleon when it comes to any given workload. But really, what it comes down to is his thirst for success, and his drive for self-improvement. In this way, Nika Katsadze is everything we look for here at Web Daytona.

Dimitri Summerlin

Of course, in marketing, you can film ads, tweak WordPress, sell, and promote all day until you fall asleep. What matters most when someone is looking for effective marketing is the  numbers. At Web Daytona, we work hard at improving traffic for our clients’ websites and social media platforms so that they can do better business. And at the center of all that hard work is our ad strategist, Dimitri Summerlin.

Dimitri (Mitch, to his friends) optimizes and implements PPC and social media ad campaigns on behalf of our clients, specifically targeting their ideal clientele. It’s a job with a lot of pressure, but Meech wears calf-length pants and short socks, so you already know he’s cool enough to handle it. Factor in his exceptional client service abilities on top of that, and he’s easily one of the most crucial members of the Web Daytona family.

Constantin Samaan

Dina is our newest recruit, and in her short time with us has already put herself out there in dozens of awesome ways. Whether she’s streamlining onsite SEO processes, creating new blog content, or helping to manage new social media accounts, it’s her passion for the industry that continues to impress us day after day.

That, and her impressive rap skills.

Web Daytona: A Family

Digital marketing is a business, like any other. Some businesses do better. Others do worse. What it takes to be exceptional, though, is the ability to transcend just being another digital agency. Putting in the hours it takes to become superpowered at everything you do. To go from being a business to being the business.

At Web Daytona, that kind of commitment is just another day at the office. And there’s so much more on the way.

For more on our comprehensive list of services, get in touch with us today, and find out why Web Daytona is Florida’s leading digital marketing agency.

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