Feel Amazing With 14 Day Slimming Detox Tea

This Slimming Detox Tea arrived at just the right time!  Oh my gosh – have you ever been so bloated you can’t even do anything except lay down?  Oh yeah, now and then, that happens to me.  I can be dying of thirst but am far too bloated even to consider drinking one more thing.

I do not have time to be bloated – between work, kids, grandkids, horses, and so much more… I have got to be able to keep going, and comfortably would be even better.  So what’s the solution?

This amazing tea reduces bloating and increases my energy level, and boosts weight loss and immunity.

What is this slimming tea?

It is a blend of teas and herbs designed to cleanse your body from within gently.  Delicious and fragrant, it works to increase metabolism and flush out waste that may be weighing you down.  This tea is completely natural, with no additional “stuff” to get you down.

I love how much more energy I have and how it improves my digestion.  I have spent a lifetime with poor digestion – I didn’t even know I could feel so much better.  But guess what?  I totally do!  I can say goodbye to the water weight, the toxins and feel so much better daily.

All I need to do is pour 8 oz of boiling water over my teabag. Steep for 3-5 minutes. I spend my time enjoying this tasty brew hot or iced, squeeze some fresh lemon to bring out the citrus notes, or add honey for a hint of soothing sweetness.  I tend to add a tiny bit of honey – I always have honey on hand!

If you are looking for results more quickly, check out Feed Mind Body and Soul’s 5-Day Detox Program.

So what are you waiting for?  The solution for better health is here.

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