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Making Laundry Fun With This Basketball Clothes Hamper

Kids… We have five kids.  Three are grown, one has special needs and one is still a teenager.  Laundry never ever stops being a struggle.  There are two components involved – collecting dirty laundry and putting clean clothes away.  Of course there is the middle step of washing the laundry but that seems to be the piece that we struggle the least with.

But all of our kids (and grandkids) love basketball!  What better way to get them to willingly collect their dirty clothes than with a basketball hoop!  The net (hamper) is about three feet long and can collect quite a bit of laundry – which means a great deal of fun on a daily basis.

The backboard includes hooks that allow it to easily be hung on a door. I know my kids will also use it with a plush basketball – who wouldn’t!  But as long as the laundry ends up in there too I am a very happy mom!  What I really loved about it was that I didn’t have to put the net on the rim – he just needed to be slid around the rim and then it was ready to be used.  Easy Peasy.

This is available on Amazon.

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