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The Kids Book of Hand Lettering by Nicole Miyuki Santo

When I was younger I was constantly working on my lettering and calligraphy.  In fact, at one point I would make wedding gifts with my calligraphy.  That is a skill that I seemed to let fall by the wayside in the last couple decades.  So many other things seemed to take up all my time.  But now my daughter is very interested in art, writing, lettering and more.  She is preparing to choose a high school and we are all hopeful she will be able to choose one that can maximize her artistic skills.

About The Kids Book of Hand Lettering

Hand lettering and calligraphy have made a comeback, spurred by platforms like Instagram and Pinterest and the bullet journaling craze. And it’s not just for adults! This book includes 20 lessons and craft projects that will help kids decorate their bedrooms and belong, and make homemade gifts for their families and friends. These DIY projects that are easy to complete at home.

Nicole Miyuki Santo has created an easy to follow, interactive learning guide. With full colored instructional and inspired photos throughout, she walks children through the basics of hand lettering, including different lettering styles and tools (markers, brush pens, and paint pens) before they begin their projects, which include:

  • Pattern drawing for binders and folders
  • Hand lettering for personalized party hats, place cards, and party favors
  • Customized notebooks and journals
  • Watercolor bookmarks and stickers with lettering

This is available on Amazon and right now it is 29% off!

So let your kids learn artistic lettering and they can make their own gifts.  I know exactly what gift my daughter will want to start with… A nice tote bag!

What about you?  What would you start with – personally I would start with the white pair of sneakers in the photo above!  They are just asking to be decorated and personalized!

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