No Worries With Your Own Personal Alarm

We have a large family and we always worry about every one of us and our well being.  In this day and age you can never be too careful.  However, we also have young children in our home so we really can’t safely carry things that could potentially harm a child.  Although I’d love to carry pepper spray – I can’t be 100% sure a child would never get their hands on it – but there is another option!

A Personal Alarm With Key Ring!

I wasn’t sure exactly how this would work but I love it – and immediately gave it to my mother in law.  Now that she has one the next order of business will be to get one for each of the other members of the family.  We don’t live in a city – but it is clear by everything we hear about that no matter what – you can never be too safe.

The concept is simple – it is a keyring and the ring is connected to a “pin” inside the alarm.  Once the pin is pulled, the alarm sounds.  To stop the sound – re-insert the pin.

My first concern was that the pin would fall out and I would be nervous the alarm would go off when I don’t want it to.  But the pin is pretty securely in there and you need to sort of “yank” it out.  It re-inserts quite easily.

I don’t even know if anyone would question what it is since it looks like a memory stick.  As you can see by the image below, my mother in law yanked the pin out and was caught by surprise with how loud it is.  She no longer needs to be nervous venturing out of the house without someone.  She doesn’t go far but you just never know.  We also have an autistic son who sadly does sometimes end up in less than desirable situations.  We would like to give him more independence and this may make it more possible.

And best of all she was easily able to reinsert the pin.  If for some reason it does ever accidentally get pulled – she doesn’t need to panic that she can’t get the pin back in.  She is able to do it no problem.

Where can you get your own personal alarm?  Here and on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “No Worries With Your Own Personal Alarm

  1. Waren Jean says:

    I was thinking of getting this last summer because I was walking home at midnight from work and I thought this is good just to be safe. Now you reminded me and I will definitely buy this time.

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