How to Stand Apart in an Oversaturated Home Care Industry

People are aware that the home care industry is a growing industry. One area to observe that help to support this claim are the number of jobs that are posted in the home care field. If you are going to look at the number of jobs that are created today and jobs that are expected to be created, it is apparent that there is a progression taking place within the home care industry.

Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an approximate of 1.3 million jobs within homecare will be added and will grow through 2020. In fact, base on their report, those who are currently working in the health position will expect a roughly 69 percent growth through 2020, on the other hand, those in the personal aide positions expect 70 percent growth. In comparison. 14 percent growth rate on jobs are averaging and is looked upon as an expected growth home care industry in the coming years.

Running a home care business is a challenging endeavor. Balancing caregiver morale and customer satisfaction when your hands are full can be a stressful task. But, being occupied doesn’t mean you can’t find means for your business to improve.

Here we asked hundreds of home care industry owners of the qualities that made their business stand apart from their competition. Their top responses were below”

  1. Qualified and reliable caregivers

Quality caregivers can either make or break home care business. They are your biggest promoters or your detractors. They are the face and the frontline of your company. It is vital that when you hire a caregiver, ask the right questions and select the best employee to fit for your business. Any profession requires passion and this is not different in the caregiving field. Employ caregivers who have a strong passion for helping and serving others to make sure that they execute exceptional work ethics. Search for caregivers who exudes confidence, compassion, and competency in order to leave your clients satisfied, happy and willing to refer your business to friends or family.

  1. 24/7 Service

A 24/7 availability is a good option to consider should you want your business to stand out from your competition. It is recommended that caregivers do not give out their personal info, however, set up an on-call phone system that alerts the caregivers to any emergency. This kind of service can bring peace of mind to many seniors and provides an impression that your business is committed to their well-being.

  1. Great Customer Service

We are not just talking about great service, but exceptional customer service. Exceptional customer service takes a whole lot of hard work. It is important to take matters seriously and to address each of your client’s specific needs and give a one-on-one resolution to every problem. Sample ways to ensure excellent customer service is thru providing weekly tips or holding weekly meetings on different topics such as dealing with irate customers.  You could even display customer satisfaction information in custom brochure holders.  Continuous learning and trying to improve service will only succeed if you provide better care for your clients.

  1. Showcase Awards

Showcasing awards you have received such as Best Home Care Award, can set you apart from your homecare competition. It seems a minor thing but it shows potential clients that you provide better and quality experience for them than the competitors. Be proud and show these awards! A brochure or business cards with an award icon advertises your hard work and accomplishments. People will also be assured that their loved ones are in a competent and professional service.

  1. Client Satisfaction Feedback

Client satisfaction gives a direct impact on the growth of the company. Sending them email surveys or conducting phone interview is an excellent way to get feedback from a client Prioritize clients and reach out to them for feedback and positive criticism, then review and analyze their responses. Track your client satisfaction and identify certain areas for improvement so you will always know your status. If there is one area that you can strengthen, client satisfaction is a natural place, to begin with.

There are now many home care providers to choose from who offers similar services to many, which makes it even more challenging for your business to stand apart from others. Anyone interested in working in a homecare field can take pride in knowing that the industry is increasing in terms of growth, meaning jobs will be plentiful. Home care agencies will expand and will be able to employ additional people to meet the growing demands for home care.

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