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Welcome To The Infinity Belt!

I am always looking for a belt – I buy them, then hate them.  Either they are so wide that I find them annoying, too stiff (like a thick leather), not comfortable, too big a buckle etc…  I love the way belts look and how they can definitely add to the appeal of a wardrobe – but I can never get past them not being comfortable.

I have now found the Infinity Belt – not only is it very flexible in sizing but it is also very comfortable, not too wide and available in many color options.

The design is quite simple actually and ingenious!  The closure is a simple hook and eye closure.  No bulky buckle and it doesn’t make my clothes bulge out from a big belt.  The added benefit is that it grows or decreases with you – so I plan to lose weight.  With that weight loss I should still be able to use the same belt.  But if a person (not me!) were to get pregnant – the belt will also grow with the person’s belly and still be comfortable!

So this is my first Infinity Belt but I guarantee I will be purchasing more because after all – I need all the colors!

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